Historia del Juguete By: Brooke Robinson

Duración: 1h 21m

Género: Fantasy/Adventure

Clasificación: 8.5/10

Dirección: John Lasseter

Actores: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles Etc.

Distribuido por: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

País: Estados Unidos de America

Fecha de Lanzamiento: 22 Noviembre 1995

Una Cita: Andy: "Stop it! Stop it, you mean old potato!"

Resumen: A toy named Woody has it all. He is practically the leader in Andy's toy room, Bo Peep has the hots for him, and most importantly, he is Andy's favorite toy. But when the clocks strike Andy's birthday, a new toy arrives. Buzz Lightyear, a space cadet who thinks he is a space ranger, (not a toy in a room) instantly wins over Andy, thus becoming Andy's new treasure. But when Woody is accused of knocking Buzz out of the window, he must go into the world and find Buzz, with many delays...

My Thoughts: I really like the movie, I has a good interesting story line and adventure to it. I used to watch this as a kid and all the other Toy Story's aren't as good as the original first Toy Story.

Created By
Brooke Robinson


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