SCreaming For Vengeance By Judas Priest

Screaming For Vengeance

1982 | Rock

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“Tie a blindfold all around your head. -- Spin you round in the torture before the dread. -- And then you're pushed and shoved into every corner. -- Then they lead you out into the final slaughter.”


  • The album hit #17 on the Billboard 200.
  • This is the first time in which a Priest drummer played on more than 2 Judas Priest albums. Dave Holland also played on British Steel and Point of Entry.
  • Screaming for Vengeance featured the single "You've Got Another Thing Coming."


Luke Tatum

What a song! The lyrics perfectly capture the anger of living a life chafing under the yoke of government. Listening to this every day will keep you motivated to resist, which is a good thing in my book. I especially love the reference to "The Great Escape," which is a wonderful (but tragic) film. In the end, almost everyone is killed or recaptured. Remember, "the world is a manacled place," and it's our job to break as many bonds as possible. As a side note: This is my favorite album cover, ever. My dream desk has an original vinyl sleeve from this album hanging in a frame above it.

Sherry Voluntary

Judas Priest knocks another one out of the park. I love them, and they put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. This song clearly seems to be about injustice and how humans want the satisfaction of vengeance for it. That said, I also think there is another layer to it with Rob Halford being one of the writers of the song and also being openly homosexual, especially in the very uber-macho metal world. Homosexuals, especially in years gone by, are often outside the mainstream and see more of the injustices of the system and how the collective can keep marginalized people on the outs. I know how crazy people think I am because I’m an anarchist, I can’t imagine what it’s like to have people judge you and hate you for something that is a core part of your identity that you couldn’t change if you want to. I can believe that you would really want to mete some vengeance on a world that looks down on you for something out of your control. It’s a good reminder to us all to remember that treating everyone with respect, whether we agree with how they live or not, it a great key to making sure that everyone’s freedoms are respected.

Nicky P

This is one ripping golden oldie here kids. I truly miss all that vintage metal shrieking. Priest, King Diamond. You just don't get much of it these days and that's criminal. What's also criminal in my mind is the act of vengeance. I find the idea to be the most pointless I can come up with. Vengeance never makes the wronged whole, it offers little in catharsis and potentially metes out justice beyond the wrongdoer. I think it's important as libertarians to keep a clear head and never give into the impulse for vengeance. We need to focus on recompense where possible. This is perhaps my greatest qualm with the modern justice system. We essentially rob those around us to punish and get nothing of ours back. Meanwhile if property does trade hands its into the states. So while i'm robbed, i add to the damage by stealing my neighbors wealth to jail the criminal and he gets his wealth taken by the government. Seems like a ponsi scheme to me.

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Nicky P

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