Tarmac Ii January edition

Saving Trees and Saving Your Grades?

By Nick Biondo '19

For the first time in Chaminade's 87 year history, Trimester examinations were administered on something other than paper. For over a year now, many teachers have experimented different ways students could take tests on the iPad. At first, quizzes and tests were administered on Canvas. However, Chaminade switched over to a more secure network called Examsoft, which the trimester exams were ultimately taken on.

Trimesters on the iPad for the first time was definitely an experience. Many students questioned this transition from the normal trimester taken on pen and paper. Obviously, there were some positives and negatives to transitioning to the iPads for the students and even the teachers. First of all, many students liked the change because it was something new. Taking trimesters on the iPads saved a lot of time on the multiple choice and the true or false sections of the exam. Without a doubt in the past, a handful of students have definitely messed up their Scranton, either by skipping a question or bubbling a question in wrong. With an iPad, students do not have to worry about having to make careless bubbling mistakes. Not having to check every single answer on a scantron also saved a good amount of time on the exam. My favorite feature on Examsoft is the flagging feature, which flags a question you may or may not know. This feature was another good time saver on the exam. Not only did Trimester examinations on the iPads save time for the student, they also saved the teacher grading the exam some time as well. Instead of putting one hundred scantrons through a machine like teachers used to have to do, with the iPad, the multiple choice section was instantly graded for them.

Although there were some pros, there were also some cons to taking the trimester exams on the iPad. Personally, the biggest issue with the test being on the iPad is the written section. Some students did not like how we had to write their English, Euro, and Religion essays on the actual iPad. Many students felt rushed while writing the essays on the iPad and that's why they still prefer the writing portion to be on actual paper. However, students did like how they took the part two's for the Math and Science exams on paper. Even though the iPad is replacing paper for some sections of upcoming trimesters and Comprehensive Examinations, paper will still not totally die out. Another thing that a few students did not like were the matching columns, especially if they are more than ten terms. In my opinion, the matching columns were a hassle to move up and down on. A number of students felt like they wasted a lot more time trying to fill in the matching columns on the iPad then if they were on paper.

I asked some of my peers if they liked taking trimesters on the iPads. Here's how they responded: Jack Mansfield '19 said: "I definitely liked it (taking the exam on the iPad) way better than paper, but I still prefer the written section on paper." Francesco Artusa '19 said: "I did. I felt like the multiple choice was quicker, although I still prefer writing essays on paper." On the other side, Phil Arnold '19 said: "I didn't like trimesters on the iPad at all."

This is the way future exams are going to be administered. Either like it or don't, students are going to have to get used to it. There are still improvements to be made, but overall the experience wasn't as bad as many people thought it would be.

Adjusting to School After Break

By Daniel Troy '19

It's no secret that returning to school after a long, relaxing break can be quite a difficult transition. Getting up early, studying, and doing homework, while all essential parts of a Chaminade student's life, often seem much more demanding when you have grown used to sleeping in and avoiding any type of work. To help you get back into a scholarly mindset, I have provided and explained a few tips and tricks to aid you in your adjustment from Christmas break to the second trimester. By planning out your week and returning to a normal sleep schedule, your transition to the second trimester will be made infinitely easier.

It was once said that failing to plan is like planning to fail, and that same quote rings just as true, if not more so, for school. As most Chaminade students know, work has a tendency to pile up, but if you plan out your week right, it doesn't have to. After getting back from break, it is important to take note of all the activities (sports, clubs, etc.) that you plan to join or continue in the second trimester. This will allow you to recognize on which days you can handle more work and on which day you should do less. Once you have your basic activities written down, think back to the first trimester. How much homework did each teacher give? When did they give it? Figuring out the amount and frequency that each teacher assigns homework, combined with your list of activities will provide a very accurate picture of what your workload will look like each day. Finally, plan to work ahead on the weekends and days where you have less activities, for that will save you considerable amounts of both stress and valuable time.

Perhaps the most difficult part of readjusting after a break is trying to get all eight hours of sleep during the school week. Most students at Chaminade have to get up anywhere from 5:00 am to 6:30 am to catch their train or bus. However, over the break, many students enjoy staying up late and then sleeping in, meaning that they are exhausted when it is time to return to school. To remedy this, a number of steps must be taken to ensure that your sleep schedule is put back on track. First, go to bed even earlier than you normally do on a normal school day. Your first few days back at school will most likely not be all that laborious, providing you an opportunity to begin adjusting to your sleep schedule. Additionally, resist the temptation to sleep in late on the weekend, or at least for the first weekend anyways.

The transition from a vacation to school is always difficult, but I hope these tips can make it just a little easier. Being well-rested and highly organized are not only beneficial to your transition back to school, but for the whole year. While vacation may be fun, with proper planning school doesn't have to be burdensome.

Flyers Take Second at League Champs

By Jack Sullivan '19

On Monday January 17, the Chaminade Flyers Track team competed in the NSCHSAA League Championship at St. Anthony’s High School. The Sophomore division of the team competed against a number of school across Long Island including St. Anthony’s, Kellenberg, St. John the Baptist, Holy Trinity, and St. Mary’s.

Throughout the day, the team competed in almost every event held. The team spirit was extremely high and every member of the team was in support of the other. On the track, the Flyers came out with intense energy that propelled many team members to medal winning performances. Shane Walsh ‘19 ran a personal best in 55 meter dash which earned him a spot in the finals where he recorded a 6.96 second time and also earned himself the gold medal in the event. Nicolas Baylis also made an appearance in the 55 dash finals coming in fourth place. In the 55 meter hurdles event, three Flyers earned spots in the top 5. Lucas Morizio ‘19 captured silver, Matt Lally ‘19 took home bronze, and Mark Cirelli ‘19 finished fifth. Jack Kherli ‘19 had a solid performance in 1000 meter run, earning third place in that event. Brendon Hobbes ‘19 earned fifth in the mile run. Kyle Krummenacker ‘19 placed third in 300 meter dash with an outstanding time of 38 seconds. Kherli, Hobbes and Krummenacker were also part of their respective relay teams, Kherli and Hobbes in a 4x800 relay which earned second place and Krummenacker in a 4x200 relay which earned first place.

In field events, Dylan Ameres ‘19 stole the show in long jump and triple jump. He recorded a 19’5” jump in the long jump, which earned him a third place bronze medal, and a personal best 40’3” in the triple jump earning him 2nd place. Thomas Korth ‘19 had a solid day as well taking fourth in triple jump and fifth in the high jump. Christian Murray ‘19 placed third in the high jump as well. Coach Beirne and Coach Hayes both had high praise for the team. Each congratulated the boys on their hard work over the past few weeks in preparation for this meet, and the outstanding love and support they should for each on the track.

The Flyers’ track team unfortunately fell to second place by a wide margin to St. Anthony’s, but were not discouraged in any way, as their moral was through the roof. The team was very happy with their performance this past Monday, and look to come back hungry and eager to win another championship for Chaminade in the coming weeks. Go Flyers!

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