conflicts by:lena

my dog britney

Having a positive relationship with your family can really help with you life well to start off me and my sisters fight all the time (not my two year old sister she is an absolute angel literally i´m not kidding she never does anything wrong) an example of a positive relationship between a mother and her kids is i have a HUGE pitbull dog named britney well one day my 13 year old (twin) sister picked up one of my dogs puppies and it started to yelp and then my dog comes and starts growling and snaping at my sister well my sister puts the dog down gently and then heads down stairs to play with my two year old sister makayla. my sister learned her lesson then.

me and my twin sister im the one with the silent night ? onezie on.

another example of a positive relationship between a mother and her kids is well one day my mom and my brother went to put the mouse that they had caught outside when the mouse turns its little head around and bites my brother on the thumb my mother told my to come get him because he was screaming and crying and yelling and bleeding at the same time my mother said to call nine one one because the mouse had bitten my little brother very deep on his thumb. mean while my mother was out side smashing the mouses head with my step dads black and yellow screw driver and also cursing the mouse off. my step dad was at work when this happened so he didn´t find out until he got a phone call from my mom.

chloe my doberman

lets just say that a positive relationship between a dog and her pups it protecting them over anything and wanting to play with her pups. my doberman bit my sister gabbie in the butt because my sister picked up one of her pups and chloe thought that gabbie was going to hurt one of them.:(

me (on the left)and my twin sister Eliana(on the right)

i once had a very close relationship with my twin sister Eliana until she was diagnosed age six with lukemia. it was July 4 2006 my sister and i were playing hide and go seek flashlight tag. it was dark out and we had our flashlight's, so i was the one who was counting, and Eliana was hideing some where. well i went to go find her well Eliana came out from her hiding spot and said " sissy i am having a hard time breathing can you take me to mommy" i told her "mommy went to work" she told me "okay take me to uncle" so i took her to my uncle. he took her temperature and she had a fever of 108°f. there for she had to go to the hospital and get checked by a doctor. the doctor came back with the result's and told us that she had leukemia and that she would have to come back tomorrow to start treatment for her cancer. every night before I went to bed I would pray for Eliana praying that she would make it through it. well the Monday after we took her to the hospital the doctor said that she would make it. the doctor asked my uncle if he was our father .he said "no sir I am their uncle their dad ran away when they were born because he didn't want them" the doctor said "oh well then I am so sorry girls well do you know where mom might be"?. my uncle gave the doctor my moms work number and told him to call and ask for Lisa morris and if some mouthy person named Jeanna answers then just say can I speak to the manager please. so the doctor did but my mom answered. the doctor told her that Eliana has leukemia. my mom started to cry then she said "is my baby going to make it"?. the doctor told her yes. then my mom called for her boss briana and told her"Eliana has leukemia and she wants her mom at the hospital with her can I go there ma'am"?.her boss said "yes because my little boy once had leukemia and I was feeling the same way you are now" so my sister is now healthy and still living and going around and supporting kids who have leukemia! :)


I once had a bad relationship with my dad until one day my little sister gabby said your not my dad now right there right now I wanted to punch her in the mouth but instead I said "yes he is your dad whether you like it or not he is your father so deal with it!" then my dad whispered "daddy's little girl" then he said "that's my girl!" then my dad scoop me up in his arms and hugged me tight. ever since my dad and I have had a close relationship.

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grace Lynn mayne- "Happy Valentine's Day"

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