Language Writing Assignment By: James armendariz

Lesson 1

Personally I have already tried to type without looking so it was just more diving into the typing for me. Although it was a little hard using this keyboard on the fact that I have a more spacious mechanical keyboard that I am used to at home.

Lesson 2

What makes a good employee are things like the ability to listen to any and all directions given to you by the employer and or the client. Another thing that can make a good employee is being able to work with other employees and have good teamwork skills. A necessary skill in the work force is the ability to communicate to your team and or boss. Four good work behaviors are completing your tasks on time, respecting any and all people involved or included in the company, showing up to work on time and maybe even before required to do so, working with any and all available team members to complete the assigned task to the greatest ability of the organization.

Lesson 3

The parts of a url are the protocol, the location, the name of the organization, and the extension. The url could have many different locations or organizations attached to it. The url could also have a geographical location to it such as .de for Germany.

Lesson 4

Url extensions are parts of a url that allows you to search one specific thing as opposed to searching many different things. Url extensions range from geographic searches to even searching for jobs. These extensions allow you to narrow down your internet searches to just one simple topic.

Lesson 5

The three sections we need to have notes on everyday are the main points of the lesson, any questions that are on the lesson or any questions that you have, as well as a summary of the class period.

Lesson 6

The reason it is important to try your best is that anyone and everyone who you try to work for in the future or even the schools you want to go to after high school will look at your previous academic history and therefor will see anything you did great on and as well as did horrible on.

Lesson 7

The keys that I think I have the hardest time keying are the P and Q keys because they are on the furthest reach of the keyboard and I am not used to keying them. However I will get used to them because in time the keystrokes are going to become more natural to me.

Lesson 8

It is very important to capitalize the syntax to be sure that the end result is that of what you want it to be. Syntax is the order in which you put words or phrases.

Lesson 9

While coding in JS any errors that were communicated appeared in the bottom of the screen as far as the program boundaries are located.

Lesson 10

The hardest section of the programming the more complicated sections, such as section 25 and on, but that is just because the instructions are not as clear and require a little more reading into the sections. Other than that i have not found any section that tripped me up.

Lesson 11

Some works that cannot be filed under copyright are things that have failed to renew their copyright status and works that have been put under a new name, such as a film or art work. Another thing that cannot be filed under copyright are things older than 70 years old and things that have been around for many years after a creators death.

Lesson 12

Some of the corrections listed are things like delete and add things while other things are listed as things like double space and even quad space. When you see things like the delete and add correction marks you are supposed to either take out the marks or anything that is under the mark. While with the spacing marks you have to press the enter key however many times that the correction mark states necessary.

Lesson 13

The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself to and show interest in a company and or a position that they have open. It is also included to make the reader interested and want to give you the chance of an interview. This is mainly used when submitting a resume to a desired place of work.

Lesson 14

The purpose of a Resume is to show a company that you want to apply for a position at what you have done and what you want to accomplish in the company as well. It is also the place to show off what you have done in the past and the awards you have earned also. This is the place that you want to look your best and show that you mean business as well.

Lesson 15

It is important to proof read your resume and cover letter because you never know if you made any mistakes in your spelling or even if you left something out of it entirely. When you type your resume you want to go over it at least two more times to ensure that you have corrected any errors that you may have let slip by due to you trying to fit in everything you can think of to put into either of the documents. Also it is just a good process to have.

Lesson 16

Homophones are multiple words that are spelled similarly but mean different things. For example, there, they're and their are all spelled and sound similar but do not mean the same.

Lesson 17

The teenagers and alcohol report was about how and what parents can do to either stop or prevent their children from getting into alcohol and even showing how it can affect the children. The report talks about the education for teens about alcohol and what it is capable of doing to them. It also talks about what not to do when teaching children or even teens for that matter in the approach of the subject.

Lesson 18

Microsoft Word could have offered built in styles and themes for you to be able to utilize them to show different points in your document or even show different topics. The different styles allow you to make a piece of your text different to show that there after you are talking about a different position.

Lesson 19

The similarities in both Excel and Word are things like the very top left corner where all of the buttons such as "save" and "open recent document" are located. Another similarity are how the ribbons are set up. Using the "Autosum" button allows you to add up all of the numbers that are listed inside of your Excel spread sheet with the touch of a button.

Lesson 20

The point of a chart is to be able to show all of your data in one section of the power point and allows you to group all of the data together.

Lesson 21

Adding pictures and tables to the presentation allows you to show a visual representation of what you are talking about in a section and adding text to the image such as a label allow you to confirm to the listeners and or viewers what you are talking about.

Lesson 22

Our personal history is important because the events and even the bad traumatic events have made us the people we are. People act in ways they have take notice of in the past. For example, children that grow up in households that have major alcoholics or big swearers in the house the child is more likely to retain these things as habits.

Lesson 23

Transitions allow for smooth and sometimes interesting movements from one slide to the next. They also help in ways, sometimes, to make the presentation look more eloquent.

Lesson 24

Filters in Access allow for you to see only the data that you want to see. Can use them to display specific things or records such as a report, query, or the datasheet. When you try to apply a second filter to a record which already contains one the original filter will automatically removed.

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