Memories Who sings better?

Rose tattoo - Dropkick Murphys

My irish punk song, called "Rose Tattoo" was written and sung by founder, bassist and of course singer Ken Casey. After it's release in november 7th, 2012, it reached 25. place in the US rock charts. It is about Casey's life and memories, told by his many tattoos. "Throughout life trials, tribulations, dates, times, places, things that are important to you, family, people who have passed away tattoos on my body document my life and what I've been through, things that have been important to me", as Casey puts it. "You know, they're all a part of the story." The rose tattoo itself on Carey’s arm is a memorial of his grandfather, who, after his father had passed, raised Casey.

“I traveled far and wide/ And laid this head in many ports/ I was guided by a compass/ I saw beauty to the north/ I drew the tales of many lives/ And wore the faces of my own/ I had these memories all around me/ So I wouldn't be alone”.

This refers to the many memories he gathered throughout his many travels around the whole world. He manifested them, along with life stories, of others with ink deeply under his skin, to never forget them and to not feel alone. It shows how memories sometimes are a thing for people, that they can hold on to or that act as an anchor when their lives take a wrong turn.

“Some may be from showing up/ Others are from growing up/ Sometimes I was so messed up and didn't have a clue/ I ain't winning no one over/ I wear it just for you/ I've got your name written here/ In a rose tattoo”.

Here, he addresses the origins of some of his tattoos. Some of them he made throughout is teenage years and some he spontaneously made in carelessness. Despite all of this, he never regretted one of them, because they make him the person he is.

GOOD OLD DAYS - Macklemore ft. Kesha

The song „Good old days“ by Macklemore and Kesha was written by the rapper himself as well as the singer. They were also supported by the production company Budo. It was published on the 19th September 2017 as a Single and it was then featured in Macklemore’s second album „Gemini“. It won Platinum several times (5x) as well as Gold (3x).

The song is all about appreciating where you are in life because, in the future, you will look back and think these were the "good old days“ . "Some day, these will be the good old days". We should savour these moments like we do with the memories of them. The song is about reminiscence of the past and enjoying life while it is happening, so that we do not only enjoy the memories of these moments. Macklemore talks about his past, his struggles but also his achievements. „Good Old Days" isn't just about those "should've, would've, could've" scenarios, Macklemore thinks back fondly about some moments.

The chorus: “I wish somebody would have told me babe/ Some day, these will be the good old days/ All the love you won't forget/ And all these reckless nights you won't regret/ Someday soon, your whole life's gonna change/ You'll miss the magic of these good old days”. It underlines the importance of appreciating the moments we are in and also the value of memories.


Rose Tattoo:

Everyone has those moments, when they look back at their lives, at the descisions they made and the memories they led to. Some people even get tattoos to have those events “signed and sealed in blood” and to remember them.

I chose "Rose Tattoo" because of its unique concept of telling an entire story trough tattoos transfered into lyrics. In cooperation with the lyrics, the melody creates a melancholic/nostalgic atmosphere, which, in my opinion, is perfectly fitting for the topic.

The song underlines the importance of memories, whether they are good ones or sad ones, because as mentioned before, they define you as a person.

It has a special place in my heart, because it was a huge part of my childhood. I remember driving trough Italy in a sunset and my father listening to it when he was cooking, in times when the world was a small place of sorrowlessness. Whenever I listen to it and all the memories come to my mind, thus making it very nostalgic.

Even if you haven't known the song for years and can’t associate it with your childhood, it still is very relatable for people who have seen and experienced many things or maybe even lost someone they loved. The sad parts give it a lot of substance, which, in my opinion, makes every song better. Some people even go as far as to saying a song is only good if it hurts.

Good old days:

As time passes, people often think of their pasts and what they have done in their life, both positively and negatively- they think about their memories. This song is the ultimate representation of this exact topic, because it has very relatable lyrics, as well as a beautiful melody. The song induces nostalgia and makes the listener think about his past and his current life situation. In my opinion, it inspires the listener to enjoy their life and to appreciate it, because "Someday soon, your whole life's gonna change [and] You'll miss the magic of these good old days”.

The atmosphere is happy but also nostalgic. Kesha and Macklemore are reminiscing about their pasts, therefore inducing nostalgia. However the melody is quite joyful, especially during the rapping parts. The listener can connect on a deep emotional level due to their personal stories, which makes it the perfect song in the category of memories.

The lyric “I'd be laying in my bed and dream about what I'd become/ Couldn't wait to get older, couldn't wait to be someone/ Now that I'm here, wishing I was still young” also shows how Macklemore didn’t appreciate these moments in the past, only wanting to become older and how he now regrets this behavior. He wants to tell the listener to do the opposite, to do what he didn't.

"Good old days" is very understandable. This is unique from other songs that talk about memories and living life. Most artists write about a specific experience, and are sometimes hard to relate for the audience. In this sense, “Good Old Days” manifests itself as a universal language, open for everyone with all different types of backgrounds.

This song is easily one of the most meaningful and nostalgia inducing songs, when it comes to talking about memories and enjoying the moments you are in now. In the song Macklemore and Kesha effectively transports listeners back to their youth in order to demonstrate the importance of growing up and living in the present. In between Kesha’s chorus, Macklemore delivers insightful lines using vivid imagery to make the song more specific to his own experience. This is in contrast to Kesha’s lyrics which are held more broadly. In verse two, when Macklemore sings, "[w]ish I didn't drink all of that flask first/ Wish I made it to homecoming/ Got up the courage to ask her/ Wish I would've gotten out of my shell/ Wish I put the bottle back on that shelf" he gives us a picture of his struggle with addiction and therefore it is more relatable.

I personally always think about my friends when I hear this song. "Good old days" makes me realize, that some day in the future I will not have these moments with them, due to university, living in different cities etc. "Been scared of the future, thinking about the past, while missing out on now" always makes me recognize to enjoy my life to the fullest and to live in the moment.


… to “Rose tattoo”: For me personally, the arguments listed are very convincing. Although the song is not really my preferred genre, the lyrics and the melody covey the nostalgia and melancholy very well. The personal relationship with this song is also very beautiful and gives this song a more deep meaning in this context. The idea of having tattoos of different events on your skin is also very meaningful. It also comes down to personal taste, which is the reason why I prefer my song. However, I think “Rose Tattoo” is a great match in this category. The uniqueness of the story makes it really interesting. I enjoyed getting to know this song.

… to “Good old Days”: Well, although your points are very well made and you have convinced me, that your song is in fact very good, for me personally, it’s not really one of the most meaningful and nostalgic songs in this matter, nor is it “the ultimate representation of this topic”. In the end it really comes down to personal taste and it’s not really my genre. Despite this, “Good old Days” delivers its message really well. You can find very relatable parts like “you don’t know what you’ve got till it goes, till it’s gone” everywhere. One thing I often rant about, is how pop lyrics are insanely repetitive and meaningless (e.g. that lighting and the thunder…), which is definitely not the case in “Good old Days”. As I said before, it is a matter of taste, therefore I prefer my song, but credit where credit is due: “Good old Days” is delivering what it wants to deliver and it does it really well.