Ned Rainey Student , BasketBall player, Family person, Rapper

"Fast Break"

The poem "Fast Break" by Edward Hirsch connects to me because I love the sport basketball it is about a basketball game unfolding and I can relate because I know the intensity of being in a basketball game.


The poem "Thanksgiving" by Edgar Guest connects tio me because on thanksgiving me and my family get together and we eat and laugh together. We all just have a good time when we get together.

"Always something more beautiful"

The poem "Always something more beautiful" by Stephen Dunn connects to me because I love sports. Ever since I was 8 I fell in love with the Game of basketball and football. I've been dedicated to both of these sports.

"Let's put it to music"

The poem "Lets put it to music" relates to me because i love to rap. Rapping is one of my ways to express everything. I also love listening to music that is all I ever do with my freetime.


This poem relates to me because I am in love with the game of football. I've been playing football since 5th grade and playing this sport never gets old. The game is exciting and tense when your actually in the game playing

"The Frog"

This poem relates to me because I believe that every human being should be respected no matter how they look. You should always treat others the way you want to be treated.

"The Whale"

This poem relates to me because I believe that anybody that is doubted can overcome the doubt that they are faced with. Anybody in life can become great they just have to be patient and wait till life sorts everything out.

"Divine Epigrams: On the miracle of the Multiplied Loaves"

This poem relates to me because people in America have more than other countries. This means we shouldn't take all the stuff that we have for granted because other people don't have some of the things that we own.

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