How To Trap By: Brady LInkel

Materials Needed: Trap, drag, scent, bait, lure, digging tool, sifter and chain

Step 1: First you need to find a location where you know the animal you are trying to trap is traveling.

This is a red fox that I caught last year.

Step 2: Dig a hole or bed for your trap to sit on under neath a little bit of dirt

Step 3: Set the trap and put it in the bed to make sure it is steady. If the traps not steady and the animal steps on it, the animal will leave and not come back.

This is a coyote that I caught in a trap.

Step 4: Next, put a pan cover over the trap so that moisture cant get under the trap or else it will freeze and not go off.

Step 5: Now take a sifter and sift dirt over the trap to that it is cover all the way so that you can't see it.

Step 6: Then take a small stick and level the dirt out until it is level. If it is not level the animal will shy away from your trap.

This is another coyote that I caught but this one is in a snare,

Step 7: Choose a lure, bait, and some urine to put by your trap to attract the animal you are trying to catch.

Step 8: Finally, take a digging tool or you hang to scrape and cover up your own tracks by the trap so that the animal won't see them.

This is what you finished product should look like.

Things To Avoid: 1: Do not trap on someone else land unless you have permission. 2: Don't approach an animal that you have caught without a weapon for safety. 3: Last, only harvest the animals that are in season and not the animals that don't have a season.

Helpful Hints: 1: Be confident with you trap because if you are scared of it there is no use to trap. 2: Make sure when your all done that you trap blends in with it surroundings. 3: Set you traps when you know there is a lot of animal activity. 4: Last, spend money and buy the good traps so that they will hold up for you. (Ex: Duke and Bridger)

This is a Duke trap.

Finished Result: Now you have learned how to set a trap and bait it up for the animal you are trying to catch.

I learned this skill of trapping from my Grandpa Bill. I got interested in trapping when I was 12 years old and he help me start out. He buys all my traps and baits for me. He takes me out and helps me find a good location for the traps and then helps me set them. Now that I am older and have experience I do it all on my own now. Grandpa has taught me a large amount of things about trapping.

This is a Bridger trap.

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