Most eastern island with relatively flat lands but has some hills. The highest point is Mount Hillary at 1,120ft. This island is circled by coral reefs too.

Barbados flag

The climate is warm and sunny year round with steady winds and an average high of 86°F.

Sugarcane and rum productions are decent as well as fishing is popular. Imports large amounts of basic food.
Cuisine is a mix of African, Indian, and British influences.
Barbados people are lenient and forgiving but arrive on time. Seating rules apply and meals begin with cheers, host indicates when you can eat, fork and knife go on the right side of the plate. Always finish all of your food and the inviter is expected to pay for everyone present. Tips of 10-15% are appropriate.

Cou-cou and flying fish, fish cakes, fried fish, macaroni pie, peas and rice, pelau, black pudding and souse are common cuisine items.

Macaroni pie (left) Cou cou and flying fish (right)

Two common desserts are guava cheese and bajan black cake.

Guava cheese (left) black cake (right)
Largest festival is known as Cohobblopot.
The Oistins festival takes place over Easter celebrating independence and local fishers.

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