The Lolita Gentry Project By Jeanné Wynne Herring

What is The Lolita Gentry Project?


The Lolita Gentry Project is a project of Satirical-Thriller stories centered around Lolita Gentry, a black, middle-aged woman who left her profession in business administration to become a hired killer. Her new ambition in life is to be the top super villain in the world.

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Justori is a unique storytelling platform that has allowed us to share The Lolita Gentry Story with the entire world. Most importantly, only on Justori can you...

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The Cause & Effect of The LGP

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My besties , Jared and Erich, and I from our nonexistent sketch comedy group, “jejCuz” will be exploring the behaviors of the characters in The Lolita Gentry Project or The LGP. Like anything else, in life where there is an effect, there is a cause. For every cause there is an effect. Everyone has a back story that gives explanation to the motivation for their behavior. Each month we are going to explore the reason Lolita and her Frienemies behave the way they do. This program can only be found on Justori.

The Lolita Gentry Project is enhanced by extreme talents. The combination of music, voices and visuals make the stories & characters come alive.


Hi! I’m Jeanné Wynne Herring. The creator of The Lolita Gentry Project. Thank you for taking an interest in my project. I created the character, Lolita Gentry, after a series of unfortunate events. I needed a way to channel the intense hate I was feeling. What better way to do that than to create a character who is an assassin? Through out the years, the one character blossomed into an entire project as I develop Lolita’s crazy world. I’m honored to have had many wonderful people support me on this journey. The following are artists I am currently collaborating with who are lending me their talents to help shape the LGP environment.

By Lydia Hen

Lydia Hen

Lydia Hen is one of the best graphics artist and illustrators I have ever met. I stumbled upon her when she liked one of my posts. I checked her work and fell in love. Immediately I commissioned her to create my logo (the Asian Cobra) and the Lolita Gentry animation. Click above to check out more of her work on Instagram.

Photo by Erich Steinwandt-Gudoy

Erich Steinwandt-Gudoy

Do you like the dreamy photos you see? Well most were shot by photographer Erich Steinwandt-Gudoy. Erich is also one of the hosts of Cause and Effect of The LGP and the voice of Kai (the role he originated) and other characters on select recordings of the Lolita and Frienemies series. Check out his podcast, The Taylor Dylan Show, on most podcast platforms including Anchor and Apple Podcasts. Also, check him out on YouTube.

Jared Lee as Eduardo

Jared Lee

Jared Lee is not only one of the hosts of Cause and Effect of The LGP, but you may also hear his unique voice on select recordings of the short stories as Eduardo (the role he originated) and other characters of the Lolita and Frienemies series. Check out his podcast, Pretty Dumb, on most podcast platforms including Anchor and Spotify.

Excellence Happens

The Lolita Gentry Project is a subsidiary of Excellence Happens, LLC, an entertainment arts initiative created to give talented artists a safe environment to innovate and practice their craft.

Thank you for supporting The Lolita Gentry Project. Please contact me with any questions.


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Created By
Jeanné Wynne Herring


Created with images by Lance Matthew Pahang - "untitled image" • LoboStudioHamburg - "twitter facebook together" • TheDigitalArtist - "twitter tweet social"; by Generich Photography - all “Lolita Gentry” Photos; by Lydia Hen - “Asian Cobra” logo and “Lolita Gentry” graphic; by Jeanné Wynne Herring- “Jared Lee” Image; “David the Page” image provided by David the Page.

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