Newsletter - Friday 12 November 2021

Principal's Message

Sacrifice. This word has been on our minds this week as we remembered those who gave their lives for our country. At school our newly elected Captains and Vice Captains led in a simple yet poignant Remembrance Day Ceremony as we honoured those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Sacrifice is also a concept that many have become more intimately familiar with this year as families, students and staff have adapted to restrictions of COVID. Remembrance Day helps us to keep our own sacrifices and concerns in perspective and remember that we are part of a community that supports each other and also looks outward to support others.

One opportunity for us to help others and keep our own worries in perspective this month is through the donation of non-perishable food items, pre-loved books and toys to those in need. Beyond the School Yard and the Student Representative Council are organising opportunities for us to support ADRA Mt Druitt and Hornsby Fusion and I thank Dr Jodie Landstra, one of our school parents, in particular for her support in coordinating these service opportunities.

Our very first Year 12 cohort began their HSC Exams this week and we have all wished them well. From students making cards to Year Coordinators cooking cheese toasties, from Churches making care packs to Chaplains praying with the students, we are thinking of our senior students in their final school experience.

Looking forward to 2022 I am pleased to announce that we will be constructing a permanent cover over the outdoor basketball courts. Known as a Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) this will provide students with shelter from sun and rain while participating in physical activities. There is a significant cost associated with the build of the COLA and the financial support of the Home and School has enabled this project to go ahead.

As we prepare for the end of school activities including Activity Day, Peer Support Training, Academic Reports, Christmas Chapel and Presentation Days let us be grateful for God’s presence in our wonderful school community. May God bless you and your families.

Julia Heise - Principal

Chaplains' News

As a Chaplaincy team, our whole ministry is built around connection with each other and connection with God. So we are very thankful to welcome back the busy, noisy, and social life that school brings.

In fact - there is a certain peace to having everyone back - when compared to the eerily quite halls during lock down. We are created for connection with each other and with God, community balances us out and regulates us. When we are isolated we can get so caught up in our own minds and gradually over time the spring can continue to wind up tighter and tighter. You can see it in your own life when you can’t seem to find peace in any of your usual places.

Peace is actually a pretty important thing. Peace allows you to focus and be productive. Peace allows you to be present in the moment with your kids. Peace makes room for joy.

Over this term we are leading a conversation around peace. Starting with Jesus, literally called the ‘Prince of Peace’, we are unpacking what it means to be ‘at peace’, to ‘hold peace’, to ‘keep peace’, and to ‘make peace’. We believe that with Jesus in our lives and in our homes, we are able to experience a deep peace if we let Him lead. Kind of like the kids song I learned in my first year of primary chaplaincy - ‘with Jesus in the family, happy happy home’.

God knows we need peace now more than ever.

May you and your family find peace in this chapter of your lives. May you grow closer together and may you walk into the year end knowing that you don't have to walk this alone.

Pr Nick, on behalf of the Chaplaincy team

Whole School News

Year 12 - HSC Exams

Our first cohort of Year 12 commenced their HSC exams this week with students sitting for their English Paper 1, on Tuesday morning. There were a mix of emotions from the students as they gathered in the carpark revising, catching up with one another and awaiting nervously to enter the exam centre. Right before the students entered the exam Julia Heise (Principal) and Andy McCrostie (Chaplain) were able to provide a few encouraging words and pray for the students. Wahroonga Adventist Church also provided little gift bags for each of the students as they finished their exam to assist in their preparation for the remainder of their exams. We wish all the Year 12 students the best as they continue to sit their exams that will conclude on the 3rd of December.

Tyson Dunne - Director of Studies

Remembrance Day - 11 November 2021

Remembering all the men and women who fought to protect this country we call home... our students lead in our Remembrance Day Service this year, with many classes also creating beautiful artworks....

Remembrance Day Memorial Service - Hyde Park

On Remembrance Day, I attended the 11am Memorial Service at the Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park to pay my respects to those who have served. All visitors to the Memorial are welcome to take a commemorative star bearing the name of an Australian serviceman or woman killed on active service, or a veteran who has since passed away, and cast it into the Well of Contemplation following a moment of reflection. I cast a star in memory of my great grandfather, James Rowlandson Kelman, who served as a Rat of Tobruk in World War II.

I was also lucky enough to have a personal tour of the Memorial with the Operations Manager, Belinda Mitrovich and my mum's work colleagues. The Anzac Memorial is a beautiful Art Deco monument designed by architect Charles Bruce Dellit and sculptor George Rayner Hoff. When you approach the Well of Contemplation, it has been designed to make you naturally bow your head in reverence as you look over the balustrade edge, which is carved in marble in the form of a wreath. You look down into the Hall of Silence onto the sculpture 'Sacrifice', designed by Rayner Hoff. It is a moving experience to visit the Anzac Memorial - every element of the building and its decoration is symbolic. Lest we forget.

Grace Colville - School Captain 2021

Staffing Update

It is with sadness that we will be saying farewell to Mrs Jacinta Thompson and Mr Carl Thompson who will be moving back to Adelaide to be closer to their family at the end of this year. Jacinta, working with our Prep and Year 3 students over the past couple of years, and Carl, looking after our Year 7's and 8's will be greatly missed! We wish them all the best for the future.

Calendar of Upcoming School Events

You can access the list of upcoming School events via the link below. The School Calendar is also available under the Parent Information tab on the School website.

Term Dates for 2021 & 2022

Please click on the link below to view the school term dates and public holiday information for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.

Primary School News

A Note From Mrs Deppeler - Head of Junior School

I can’t believe how quickly we are talking about end of year events. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun! It’s great to have our students back on site and to see them settle back into school routines.


Over the past few weeks, students have participated in a variety of friendship sessions where students are learning valuable skills in how to make healthy friendships. One of the cool things they learned was that their best friend forever was actually themselves.

Prep Orientation Day

We are looking toward to meeting our new Prep students and families on the 17th of November. If you are planning to send your child to Prep in 2022, please contact the office for an enrolment form.


Just a reminder that in term 4 students are to wear their full summer uniform. Sport Uniform is to be worn on Wednesday for sport and an additional day for PE. Please refer to information from class teachers in relation to PE days for your child/ren.


Student reports will be sent home on Tuesday the 7th of December this year. Teachers will be reporting on student progress and achievements for term 3 & 4, however in light of the remote learning situation students experienced for a large portion of the semester, our reports will focus primarily on English and Mathematics subject areas. A description of content covered, and an achievement comment will be provided for other KLA’s where a grade is not provided.

  • Prep Graduation afternoon – Tuesday 30th November 2-3 pm
  • Christmas Chapel/Mufti Day – Thursday 2nd December
  • Primary Fun Day – Monday 6th December
  • Primary Speech Day – Tuesday 7th December
  • Primary Clean-up day – Wednesday 8th December
  • Pupil Free Days – Thursday 9th and Friday 10th December


Primary School Sport

On Wednesday 3rd November, students from Years 3 and 4 at Wahroonga Adventist School competed in a 100m Sprint during lunchtime. The weather on the day was ideal and filled with excitement and enthusiasm as students got ready for each race. Please see below for the top 3 runners in each age group. (Hunter = Red and Phillip = Yellow)

Due to wet weather on Wednesday 10th November, the Year 5 and 6, 100m Sprint has been postponed and will hopefully take place on Wednesday 17th November.

Nathan Hurst - Years P - 6 Sports Co-ordinator

Secondary School News

Years 7 & 8 Science - "What'll Happen to the Wattle" Update

Our science students have started germinating seeds that spent 6 months on the International Space Station. They have set up both “Herbs in Space” basil seeds and “What'll Happen to the Wattle” seeds. They will be investigating the effects of microgravity on these seeds and collecting growth data as well as scent strength for the basil seedlings.

It is very exciting to see that all the Space seeds have sprouted before any of the Earth seeds indicating some effect of microgravity on the Space seeds. It might also be that we have received a bad batch of Earth seeds to grow. Only time will tell what happens to both the Wattle and Basil seedlings in the next few weeks.

Leisly White - Head of Science Department

Year 12 Mathematics Standard 2 Classes

Year 12 Students from the two Mathematics Standard 2 classes had the opportunity last week to create a social network of their friends using string to show the connections between them. It was also a great way to introduce the unit on Network Concepts and the key features of a network. They are a very well connected group of students and they are very glad to be back in the classroom learning together rather than online.

Debbie Wright - Head of Mathematics Department

Year 12 Business Studies

Year 12 Business Studies students had a hands on lesson about Operations Processes today. Different transforming and transformed inputs were used in the production process. The output was a delicious berry flavoured smoothie. Customer feedback indicated a high level of satisfaction with the product and wished it was available in a larger size.

Nikki McTernan - HSIE Teacher

Australian Maths Competition

This year the Australian Mathematics Competition was held in Term 3 and was offered online for schools in lockdown. Over 200 students participated in the competition across Years 7-11, split across 3 divisions (Junior, Intermediate and Senior).

Congratulations to Sophia P (7W) and James T (7S) who earned the Best in School award. They answered 24 out of 30 questions correctly and were in the 97th percentile.

The following students achieved Distinctions:

Sophia P (7W), James T (7S), Neil R (7S), Justin R (7A), Alessandra P (7W), Anthony L (8W) and Neo K (8S)

Another 39 students achieved Credits. Congratulations to all these students.

Lauren Findlay - High School Mathematics Teacher

Library News

Last Week of Borrowing

This week is the last week of borrowing from the library for this year. Please return all library books promptly by the end of Week 8 to allow time for our annual stocktake. If books are lost please either pay a replacement fee of $25 per book at the office, or buy a replacement copy of the book for the library.

If you are unsure whether your children have anything to return to the library, please visit the Library WebAPP and follow the instructions on the home screen to log-in to their personal borrowing details. Either click on this link or type bit.ly/waslibrary into your search bar.

Leonie Savage - Librarian



The Canteen is open for the remainder of Term 4 with a limited menu. Primary aged students are able to access the canteen through online orders. High School students are encouraged to order online, a window service will be available following a COVID safe procedure.

Home and School

Family BBQ Night!

The School community are invited to share in a Family BBQ Night on Saturday 20 November. We encourage you to invite some friends over to enjoy the evening together.

We will start together on Zoom at 7:00pm. The Home and School are offering the chance to win one of six $100 vouchers if you send in photos of your completed challenges from the night. Full details of the challenges, the zoom link and where to submit your photos will be emailed to those registered on Thursday 18 November.

Beyond the School Yard

Meals With Love

Do you know of a school family that has just welcomed a new baby, has a sick family member, or a family that just needs a little TLC? We would love to be able to support them of behalf of the school community with a Meals with Love meal. Please send us an email and we can have a meal arranged. Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions we cannot accept donations of meals this term and all meals are being prepared by the Canteen and Meals with Love team. Thanks for your continued support.


Bits and Pieces

Sing Noel 2021 - Limited Tickets Available Now!

Christmas is just around the corner! Wahroonga Seventh-day Adventist Church is proud to partner with the Sydney Adventist Hospital to bring you a traditional Christmas experience that is sure to brighten the season with hope and joy. Don't miss Silvie Paladino, Rob McDougall, the Australian Girls Choir and your favourite local talent LIVE in concert. Funds raised through ticket sales will support thousands of Aussies in need this Christmas. Visit www.singnoel.com.au to get your tickets.

Clothing Donations

Looking for somewhere to donate your old clothing?

Wahroonga Adventist Church (the big building next to our school) has 2 new collection bins out the front. All donations to the bin will go directly to those in need.