St. Agnes Devin, caylee, abigail

St. Agnes feast day is January 21st

"Agnes" means "Lamb-life"

Birth Date-291 AD, Rome, Italy

Death- 304 AD, Rome, Italy

St. Agnes lived in Rome

The highlight of St. Agnes life: she was raised in a Christian family. She had many men chasing after her to marry her. When a guy asked to marry her, she would say "Jesus Christ is my only spouse".

Executed in 304 AD

Patron Saint of:

  • Virgins
  • Emblem is a lamb (Latin Agnus)

Prayer to ain't Agnes

"All-powerful And ever-living God, you choose the weak in this world to confound the powerful. When we celebrate the memory of saint Angnes, may we, like ber, remain constant in our faith." Amen.

The religious art that symbols St Agnes

The change the St. Agnes went through: Mens asking for her handed marriage but she would say "Jesus Christ is my only Spouse."

The Obstacles St. Agnes faced: having to marry other men

St. Agnes Faith Journey: having to have a handed marriage but didn't want so sent to death

We have to truest the path that God gave us.

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