"Who was Jesse Owens" by James Buckley jr. November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"The leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler snubs US lads. He did not shake Jesse's hand." (p. 65)

Based upon the context clues, "snubs" means to treat with disdain, or contempt.

"They were sharecroppers. That meant that they rented a small part of the farm from the owner." (p. 5)

Based upon context clues, "sharecroppers" means, a tenant farmer who pays to share crop.

"The Ohio State school district was segregated. Jesse and his black friends had to eat on the bus." (p. 35)

Based upon the context clues, "Segregated" means, characterized by or practicing racial segregation.

"Jesse operated a freight elevator. The elevator carried things that needed transported." (p.36)

Based upon the context clues, "freight" means, Goods or cargo transported for pay whether by air, land, or water.

"As he won race after race for Ohio State, people saw him in newsreels in movie theaters."(p. 36)

Based upon the context clues, "newsreels" means, A short motion picture presenting current or recent events.

"He was the head of the common socialist workers, also known as the nazis."

Based upon the context clues, "Nazis" means, A member of the national socialist german workers party. (p. 50)

"Many people wanted Jesse Owens and the americans to boycott." (p. 51)

Based upon the context clues, "Boycott" means, to abstain from or stay away from.

"The amatuer athletic association wanted to be a part of something." (p. 53)

Based upon the context clues, "amatuer" means, Doing something playful that has no meaning.

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