The Story of a Shy Academic "How does the shy academic navigate the new world order in which we are expected to be “on” all the time?"

With technological advances like the internet, many things, including higher education have changed. Some of the things in education that have changed because of these technological advances are instructional materials and an increase in access to education. While there are obvious benefits to these changes, it is important to search for possible negative impacts these changes may have on introverted students.

These changes being made arguably make higher education more difficult for the "shy academic" or introverted person. Introverts typically get energy by being by themselves and recharging. The people that claim that higher education is becoming more difficult for introverts would say that this is the case because online learning is turning higher education into an "extrovert ideal" world in which introverts are put at a disadvantage.

On the other hand, there are people that say that technological advances in higher education do not have a negative impact on introverts. These people would likely claim that introverts can sometimes excel when put under the pressure of doing public activities like public speaking.

Some of the advantages of this trend in higher education are mostly obvious things. Long ago, only the elite had access to education through books. Now, everybody has access to this because of the internet! Technology can also be used in different instructional methods. It is debatable as to whether or not disadvantages of this trend exist or not, but a potential disadvantage is that it may harm introverted students.

Many Universities are trending in the direction of having more online classes and websites required by students to look at. At Clemson University there are many online class options and technology is being used more and more through email and websites like blackboard, canvas, launchpad, web assign, etc.


1. Do you see this trend in higher education as being an advantage or a disadvantage to introverts?

2. Do you see any ways that this could be seen as an advantage or disadvantage to extroverts?

3. How do you see this trend continuing to change the way Clemson University educates its students?

4. Do you like the direction that this trend in education is taking education at Clemson?

5. How many websites do you have to regularly login on being a student at Clemson?


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