Good Life Performance By Brittany Blake

The Spatial Experience

When I entered the auditorium I felt a great sense of wonder and awe at the size of the space and orientation of the seats around the stage.We chose to sit about 7 rows away from the stage in the middle of the aisle. In doing so we had a relatively clear view of the whole stage and the actors. this seat choice gave me a holistic experience of the play. was easily able to perceive the actors emotions and gestures since I had their actions as the main focal point in my vision. The size of the auditorium contributed to my experience because the large space made the stage actions more intimate. I did not feel cluttered or uneasy in my perceptions. If the space were smaller then the stage performance would not have felt as intimate and expressive because the stage would have held such wide framing in our minds and eyes. The place one is in defines how one perceives life, and the type experiences one feels in one's life. Feeling enclosed in our spatial experiences can leave one feeling trapped and incapable to freedom.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with my sister and my friends Abyson and Maddie. Attending the experience with friends enhanced my performance because I was able to hear and see their reactions and facial expressions to the play and the performance. We shared an experience diving into intellectual censorship and other relevant issues to our lives. Started experiences improve the Good Life because they allow one the chance to frame one's own perception in reference to other people and grow and develop oneself through other's beliefs. We can use others' thoughts to frame our own perspectives.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue of the play was the that individual experiences of people can be ignored and overlooked by those who feel they have more authority over others. With the factory worker's strike and uprising, the factory women and men and their problems/lives failed to be considered by owners and upper crust society. The rich just wanted their goods and never stopped or wanted to consider fair and equal treatment for those who slaved over their desired products. Thus workers were ignored and innocent lives were lost. Similarly, priests were molesitng children and the underlings yet these groups were ignored and the priests authority was upheld despite the pain they cause. The indivudal man's experiences are outweighed by larger society needs and cultural expectations, leaving he/she in pain. The subject matter reminded me that I never truly understand anyone's story without getting them to open up first. the issues showed me that people's personalities are a relation to the challenges one faces and ones reaction to seemingly innocuous events in one's life.

The Emotional Experience

The play gives us an opportunity for catharsis because the play reveals the how general misfortunes of others around us are part of larger societal problems. The play revealed how sometimes those in positions of authority (the church, the factory owners, the rich) fail to acknowledge or care about the problems of the less fortunate and prefer to revolve in their own worlds because of the use of living they are comfortable with. However, Sarah Bernhardt's actions reveal that not all in positions of authority are this way. She is not a flawless character, as she fails to truly understand the plight of workers and lives a somewhat fantasied world, but she doe shave good intentions and chooses to use her social position as catalyst for social change and discussion about societal problems in the twentieth century. There is established catharsis as an awakening occurs and the pains of the world are blossomed open for all to see in the setting of the play.


Spatial Experience:

Cultural Experience:

Emotional Experience:


All images were cited a the end in a another page. the social experience page is my own photo

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