Top Ten Facts About Doctor Strange By Annie Leffe

My skills are similar to green-screen rotoscoping and background replacement techniques the creators of Doctor Strange use at The Third Floor and Method Studios.
I am inspired by James Cameron who first introduced me to the idea of rotoscoping from his featurette that talked about behind-the-scenes of Avatar
I don't like the idea of modeling in Maya (according to the illusionary background from the movie) because it's not my perfect style. I'm terrible at modeling, but I'm great on drawing paper. Still, roto-ing the actor out from a rough background set is the skill I have no problem with.
I'm excited to extend my rotoscoping skills in Exceptional Minds Studio, but at the same time, I'm worried about myself being not so perfect, advanced, or qualified for such a "tough-as-nails" professional job.
I'm also ecstatic to know that Marvel Studios is partners with Walt Disney Studios like Lucasfilms already is.
These details show the odyssey, intelligent evolution, and the emotional spectrum I have gained over many years. Sometimes, learning is still a mandatory requirement I always keep.
I've never watched Doctor Strange in theaters, but I've read about it. Maybe I'll see it on Movie night at school or on Netflix.
The background landscape from the film reminds me of the time I used to look through a high school library book that portrays many pieces of optical illusions. The pictures may have sharpened my eyesight a little, but they would give me one excruciating heck of a dizzying headache.
Doctor Strange is one-of-a-kind art piece of visual arts at such higher level. I knew that filmmaking is modernizing with new cutting-edge technology. This is almost like the futuristic machine sci-fi films are becoming real in my world.
I really do hope I will get the VFX editing job. I've got to give myself that chance if only I put a little faith in me from my friends, family, and all the people who believe in me.

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