Journey Of The Hebrews Judaism

Isaac ,Abraham,Jacob, were all fathers of hebrews . Isaac is the son of Abraham.Jacob was the son of Isaac.Later God changed Jacob's name to Israel.God told Abraham to leave home .

Star Of David

Judaism was the religion of the Hebrews . This religion has its own bible which is called a torah .It includes the New Testemant like the Christian bible .

Christain bible

There are 4 values of judaism .The first one is God .The second is education.The third is justice .The fourth is obedieince .

The crosses that are belived that jesus died on

Women had few rights .They had to obey there fathers and there husbands .Some women made great contributations . Other women such as miriam the sister of moses was a spirtal leader .

A building with colorful glass art

there are many holidays .one of them is the passover .another is the hanakkah .



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