Good Life Harn by alex-abraham pothen

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: The artist is John Chamberlain and he painted it in the U.S. in 1973. The medium of the art is aluminum foil, acrylic, lacquer and polyresin. Viewing it in person allowed me to see all the small details of the aluminum sculpture and get a better sense of the texture of it, rather than just seeing a 2-D image that could be viewed in pictures on the internet. I like the artwork because it looks like a crumpled ball of aluminum foil with splotches of color on the sides. It communicated spontaneity and abstraction to me and made me feel surprisingly interested as it was captivating.
Design of the Museum: The exhibit in the Harn in which this picture was taken shows how spacious the wing was and gave more feeling to all the works of art because they were not cramped. There was also an outdoor garden which allowed one to escape the inside and take a break and enjoy nature before re-entering the museum. Additionally the exhibits were spread out by country in different wings. The wing the picture was taken in made me feel minuscule compared to all the art around me. Additionally, the use of space and the lighting was my favorite part of this section of the Harn.
Art and Core Values: The core values of the "Seated Bodhisattva" were compassion because a Bodhisattva was merciful, a saint and a savior. He is in the lotus position featuring the gesture of fearlessness and gift-giving. The tranquility of the pose also emphasizes the spirituality of the figure. Compassion is one of my core values because everyone deserves redemption and grace from others. The figure imposed some happiness and made me feel good about art as well as appreciate the value of compassion.
Art and the Goodlife: This artwork relates to sharing the good life. Although it is a part of the high art classification, the painting should be shared by all people because experiences are meant to be communal as humans are naturally gregarious creatures. The artwork does express this theme pretty well by showing how the people are in community with one another in the painting. The idea of community versus being alone is a major theme in this course. The paining also makes me appreciate the theme of sharing the good life and understanding the idea of community more.

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