“GCT Board Member Spotlight” Dr. Lori Hockley, GCT Board Secretary

Name: Lori Hockley, D.M., Assistant Professor of Management, Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)

Position: Secretary, GCT Board of Directors

Board Member Since: 2016

As the Secretary for GCT, I take minutes for board meetings, organize and track important records, and serve on the Executive Committee. I also participate on the Development Committee and have enjoyed helping to organize grassroots fundraisers for GCT, such as our First Friday “Holiday Pop-Up Boutique”. I am also currently a student under Bruce Moore in GCT’s Musical Theatre class for adults, which has been an amazing learning opportunity (as well as a lot of fun!).

Community theatre is for the community by the community. By day GCT’s actors, musicians, technicians, volunteers, and board members are teachers, IT directors, sales clerks, lawyers, store managers, small business owners, grandfathers, bankers, electricians, bookkeepers, retirees, stay-at-home moms, students, etc. from not only Gettysburg but the surrounding towns and counties as well. Community theatre brings together individuals from all walks of life-different ages, backgrounds, and abilities-to create a “family” in which acceptance, support, and encouragement to grow are abundant and life-changing. When I reflect personally on the most pivotal moments of my adult life, so many of those moments revolve around community theatre. Gettysburg Community Theatre provides those life-changing, pivotal moments to so many children, youth, adults, and seniors in our community.

It’s nearly impossible to name my favorite GCT production, but I especially enjoyed “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. One of the shows produced during GCT’s second season, the 10th season revival of “Joseph” was delightful in so many different ways...the staging, the colorful costumes, the singing, the live band, the universal message of love, hope, and forgiveness, and the multi-generational cast (including children, parents, and grandparents!). It was hard not to sing along from the audience!

The image and tagline used in GCT’s official logo feature an “open door,” and truly, I cannot think of a better symbol to represent what GCT stands for; all ages and abilities are welcomed and supported here- on stage, behind the scenes, in the audience. Speaking of the audience, a special thing about GCT is the intimate setting. There are only 80 seats, and there is not a bad seat in the house! The close proximity of the stage to the audience allows for a deeper emotional connection with the actors and the opportunity for creative staging to bring the show into the audience itself from time to time. I’ve seen a few shows twice just to experience the production from a different seat.

What’s really so very extraordinary about GCT is the professional-level experience from several staff, volunteers, and actors that enriches every stage production. I like to call it “Broadway in our backyard,” and it’s true; several of our directors, actors, and teachers, including our founding executive/artistic director, bring real-life professional or semi-professional experience to GCT to help develop and nurture the talent in our local community through their instruction and mentoring. It’s really quite a special “benefit” to our community that I wish more people knew about!

On the occasion of GCT’s 10th anniversary, I wish to send a special thanks to the many volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes to provide quality theatre to the great Gettysburg community and beyond; your efforts are noticed, and appreciated! I also whole-heartedly thank the individual patrons and local business providing financial support by way of donations, sponsorships, and gifts-in-kind to help GCT sustain and grow in it’s mission “to inspire creativity and confidence, provide cultural enrichment, and instill a love of the theatre arts in people of ALL ages and abilities through quality education and performance.”

Here’s to GCT’s 10th season! And here’s to our community! Thank you for allowing me to serve you as a member of the board.


“Board Member Spotlight” is a monthly special feature in honor of the 10th season of Gettysburg Community Theatre. Learn more about GCT at www.gettysburgcommunitytheatre.com Photo Credit: Leer Photography

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