My city Comparing my hometown with other Colombian cities

My hometown is Bucaramanga. This city is very sunny and small, but Cúcuta is hotter and smaller than Bucaramanga. In my opinion, Bogota is the biggest city of Colombia. It is also the most crowded and coldest.

My city is very active. People in my city are hardworking and busy. They are also very friendly. On the other hand, people in Cúcuta are more active because they live near the border with Venezuela. However, Bogotá is the busiest place of Colombia. It is also the most industrial.

Bucaramanga is very clean, but Cúcuta is dirtier than Bucaramanga and Bogotá. With regard to food, Bucaramanga offers a variety of typical dishes such as cabro, mute, tamale and many other dishes. Similarly, Cucuta is famous for its traditional dishes. The food in Cúcuta is as delicious as the food in Bucaramanga. In contrast, the food in Bogotá is the most delicious because there is a lot of variety on local and international food.

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