Züg Alternative Rock | Nashville, TN

"Wake Up" | Live | 2018

Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, ZÜG is an Alternative Rock trio that has developed their sound and place in the music industry by settling in the Greater Nashville area. With their groovy guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and impressive harmonies, ZÜG writes their songs with stories that underline the unmarked truth between humanity and the universe – through peace and unity.

What began as a creative release for two brothers, Jacob and Alex Zug, now includes Nashville native, Josh Dixon. Writing music together since early 2016, their influences range -- from The Beatles to Cage the Elephant.

ZÜG's style is ever-emerging, with ventures into a variety of genres.

Reggae for the single, "One"

Pop Rock in 2016's, "Pressure"

And a deep dive into Modern Classic Rock with "Sweet Energy" for their upcoming LP release.

ZÜG's style will always be dependent upon the creative synergies the band and its fans discover.

"Crash" EP | original art by Aly Surita

"One" | Music Video | 2017

thebandzug@gmail.com | Alex Zug 717.615.8798

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