Why Grover Precision? Gundrilling and Seamless Tubing Experts


Gundrilling is typically viewed as a primary option for installing critical cannulation in medical implants and surgical devices - but is this the best way?


• Well established capabilities and supply chains

• Extremely flexible and allows for wide range of part configurations

• Can be used with very high wall thicknesses and with demanding hole size tolerances beyond capabilities of current seamless tubing offerings

• Increasingly can be performed on Swiss or machine center equipment


This is where Grover Precision separates itself from the pack.

  • HOLE SIZES - 0.039" - 2.0" - Useful for surgical devices
  • HOLE SIZE TOLERANCE - +/- 0.001"
  • HOLE DEPTHS - Extreme - Known for drilling longer at any given hole length... 200x, 300x diameter or more
  • HOLD DRIFT - 0.001" per inch - We used proprietary capabilities to control drift
  • HOLD RUNOUT / TIR - 0.002" per inch - We used proprietary technologies to control runout
  • STRAIGHTNESS - 0.001"/foot
  • HOLE SURFACE FINISH - 16 Ra as needed with internal honing capabilities
  • LEAD TIMES - 2 weeks

While Grover maximizes the gundrilling opportunity for piece-part drilling, there are limitations to this process.

There can be design limitations due to limits on length, drift considerations, and preference for machining other features first vs drilling blanks and "machining back to the hole.”

While it can often be performed on a Swiss lathe, the bottleneck process causes lower machine utilization.

Certain sizes and lengths can't be drilled on Swiss, necessitating use of specialized gundrill equipment.

Internal gundrilling means significant capital investment, higher operating costs on second operation, extra training and upkeep that must be done and maintained.

External gundrilling adds inventory or weeks to product lead time, higher operating costs on second operations, and internal working capital and administrative costs.

The Seamless Tubing Solution

Created By
Nicholas Lebel