Tremendous Weekly Content Review 10-25/10-30 What a week!

Well, this has been quite a week huh? With v1.2 releasing and everyone and their brother having an opinion about it has been nothing short of an epic week of drama and controversy. However, as time goes on, more and more people seem to be relaxing a bit and moving forward with this amazing project. To prove this, here is this week's content made by our T9A Content Team. Most of it is v1.2 related so if you're looking for something to judge, this is your medium! ENJOY!

So to start us off right, CHIHAMMER! (Warboss Tooth) has some new Battle Reports up to wake us up! Set your Speakers to MAXIMUM VOLUME in order to watch his content to full effect! KOOOOOOOOPPPAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Next up! We've got the guys that brought you the original v1.2 BRB Pre-Release Review! Genephelps (Wargaming from the Balcony) Have a TON of new content out this week featuring a lot of v1.2 goodness!

Grymmir brings us a quick report on the Spain Pre-ETC GT (TOE). Over 160 people were in attendance with an Ogre player (HELL YEA!) taking the top slot. Take that elves!

Next up we've got something REALLY COOL! T9A's NEWEST Podcast is up and running! Raffazza has started up SLANN RAT RADIO! Check out his first episode and get addicted to this podcast from day one! This episode is really fun, informative, and engaging so if you're looking for something better than what's usually on your radio, THIS IS IT!

WAAAARGHammer is next with his v1.2 content in the form of Kicking butt, taking names, and producing GREAT battle reports!

2DSICK comes at us next with some great new content! Battle Reports, a short tutorial, and his last game of v1.1. You'll love em!


Next up, my 2nd in Command, Henrypmiller from AMMERTIME has 2 new episodes out this week! (The man is a machine that churns out nothing but WIN!) Go check out his podcast and get addicted to a great show!

Following in AMMERTIME's wake is none other than myself, (I like to be carried) LORD TREMENDOUS! This week I had the honor of being on Vince Ventruella's Warhammer Weekly show and we spend literal hours talking about the v1.2 changes! I'm a babbling idiot, but Vince and Tom make some great points!

Up next is Rasmus7814 and his battle report with the Kingdom of Equitaine fighting against the Dread Elves. Guess who I'm rooting for? :D

Gelmarus of the THUNDERCOCKS! have another episode out this week on their greatly entertaining Podcast! Go check em out! I love these guys!

Thunder....thunder....thunder! THUNDERCOCKS! HOOOOO!!!!

The man, the myth, the legend, SKAVENINAZ is next with a v1.2 battle report that's fun to watch! I think he survives this one too! :D

Blonde Beer is up next with a GIANT amount of new videos and content this week. Not to mention, he posted one of the best spoof videos I've ever watched. If you like to laugh, you NEED to sub and watch this man's channel!

Our next Content Team member is brand new not only to the team, but to the hobby itself. Tyrgrim may be new but the guy has a grasp of the game unlike many veterans. His blog is mainly informational but his perspective and delivery make his content a MUST read. Check him out!

Speaking of new Content Team members, Feedm3 (Bustamooove) is another brand, spanking, new addition to the team and he blasts into the hobby with a great battle report! Check this guy out! His reports are very well done! Even if he does play Highborn elves.... lol!

Finishing us off for content this week is the veteran himself, DwellerfromtheNorth. This week he's gifts to us an amazing battle report of the Sylvan Elves taking on the Infernal Dwarves! It's an excellent way to close out the week! The man is good!

That's going to do it for this week! As you can see, its been quite productive and there's a ton of great new content out there. As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, toss them on the forums! I will probably respond personally or someone like me which is almost as good! :D See you next week!

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