Birth Control by: jermeisha venters

Add to dictionaryThe media looks at birth control in bad perspectives. Birth control has its pros and cons to every situation and what comes down to it. The media makes women look like birth control is the one who cant keep their legs close or that they just sleep with everyone. There are all kinds of reasons that women use birth control to help them feel a certain way about themselves. Birth control is used for many reason like women have a monthly period that gives very bad pain in the lower area of the stomach. When women get birth control it takes their period away so that they cant feel the pain when their body goes through the monthly period. Trust me i know from personal experience in 2015 i had made a lot of very bad choices in life and the boy i was with was not good for me and my future. I had to be mature enough to know that i needed to protect myself and graduate high school with no other responsibilities meaning a baby. Nobody is ever ready to be a mother but i knew i didn't want that for myself or put my parents through disappointment also i didn't want to bring a child in this world knowing i couldn't take care of the baby. That's when i decided to get the implant in my arm, it last 3 years and is 100% affective, till this day I'm a senior gradating in 17 days and i have no kids and doing really good. Birth control is not for everyone trust me but its always good to have a backup plan just in case you feel otherwise. there are about 20 different kinds of birth control out there, there is the implant,shot,pill, patch, ring, and etc.

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media cant give their perspective on birth control because they don't know how it feels from personal experience they just look at what social media says about it. Birth control can cause a lot of confusion when it comes to the body of a female. Birth control makes you gain a lot of weight and have you eating a lot more than you will usually eat, because you have all these hormones going on and you are craving all kinds. No matter what birth control is a big part of the female aspect life and how it helps them get around things and how to protect themselves from having kids and getting on their monthly period.. Birth control can influence which men a woman is attracted to based on their genetic makeup. Medical benefits of oral contraceptive include less acne, less, cramping, less menstrual flow, less excess body hair, lower cancer risk, fewer ectopic pregnancies, osteoporosis protection, lower risk of inflammatory disease. Men who take birth control intended for women run the risk of larger breasts, less facial hair, smaller testicles, and a lower sex drive. Although there is currently no male oral contraceptive, a birth control pill for men is currently in development.

Of the 62 percent of American women who use contraception, the most popular method is the birth control pill, which is used by more than 10.5 million women in this country, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates.

But despite its popularity, and despite the fact that the pill has been around since the 1960s, many women still do not know much about it beyond what they learn in the few minutes they get with their doctor before he or she writes a prescription, and that they have to take it every day.

With that in mind, we put together a list of the 10 things every women absolutely needs to know about the birth control pill as well as other modern, hormonal (or non-hormonal but non-permanent) options


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