Top Ten Cities To Visit In America By: Nicholas Schwarte

#10 - Anchorage, Alaska

I put this #10 on my list because it is cold here. Although Anchorage, Alaska, does have the country's largest indoor water park, it looks really cold and not a lot of fun things to do outside besides the snow. A lot of the things you can do here, you can do somewhere else. I do like the Scenic day drives, walking tours, fairs, and festivals though.

#9 - Denver, Colorado

I put this #9 on my list because all of the big buildings look cool. You can ski in Denver, Colorado. There is also the Denver Zoo and the U.S. Mint or the Buffalo Bill Museum too. This is why I put it on this list for #9.

#8 - New Orleans, Lousiana

I chose New Orleans, Louisiana for the #8 spot because I like most of the stuff that is here. It is also really warm here too. I really like the horse and buggy too. They have a Mississippi Cruise, Golf, Shops, Festivals, and a lot more. Also the hotels prices range from under $100 for a two-star hotel to over $200 for a five-star hotel such as the Ritz Carlton, New Orleans. This is why I put it #8 on my list.

#7 - San Antonio, Texas

I picked San Antonio, Texas for my #7 spot because it looks cool with all of the city buildings. It also looks very busy too. You can go to restaurants with water right by them! There’s fun for the whole family too, with the San Antonio Zoo, Six Flags San Antonio and SeaWorld San Antonio.

#6 - Hershey, Pennsylvania

One of the reasons that I picked Hershey, Pennsylvania as the #6 spot because of Hershey Park. Also the headquarters of Hershey is here. They also have Hershey gardens here. And the Antique Auto Museum.

#5 - New York City - New York

I picked New York City, New York for my #5 spot because of all the big buildings in New York. There is the Time Square here too.

#4 - Los Angeles, California

I picked Los Angeles, California for the #4 spot because there is Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Bowl and the Walk-of-Fame in there. Also it is hot here and there is palm trees.

#3 - Orlando, Florida

In Orlando, Florida there is tons of cool stuff here. There is Home of the Magic Kingdom, Sea World, Universal Studios, and some of the Disney theme parks.

#2 - Las Vegas, Nevada

I would want to go to Las Vegas, Nevada because of all of the casinos. They have the MGM Grand to gamble, Caesars Palace Forum Shops, Cirque de Soleil, Circus Circus, and roller Coaster at New York New York.

#1 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii is the #1 spot for me. I like how the water is clear and it is really warm. There is white sand beaches, surfing, and Pearl Harbor National Monument.


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