Getting my rabbit By: Belle


By: Belle Scharmer

We found the rabbits we walk in their and Drew was still their. We said yes this is the one. It was very loud because the dogs were barking. So we got him and we tuck him out to the counter. Drew was really scared because the dogs were barking.

On Saturday afternoon we came to the mounds pet store to see a rabbit. We saw a rabbit and my mom said we can come back tomorrow. The next day we went back. It was still there and so we said yes we can get him. Next my mom and dad had to fill a paperwork to adopt Drew. After that we put him in a canol. I got to hold him and he was soft and while my mom shopped around to pick things up for Drew like a cage, some rabbit food and some rabbit toys and 2 bowls. My mom came back. After that we went to the car. We put Drew in the middle of the seat. We went to the human sity. My mom said “stay in here and pick a name for Drew”. My brother said “ we can pick this name S'mores”. So I said “yes.” So my mom and dad came back. I said “ it is S’mores”. So my mom and my dad said “that's a nice name for him.” So we went home. The rabbit was very scared so my dad let him out around the hall. My dad and my mom set the cage up. I played with S’mores and he was to scared to come out to see me. So I petted him and he came out. I had to put things in the cage like the litter box, 2 water bowls and also some toys to chew on. After that we put him in the cage and he was very scared because he was in a big cage. We put a gate up for him to come out and to see everyone. We are so happy we have a pet rabbit name S'mores. S’mores is much more than just a pet he is a part of our family.

This is my rabbit name S'mores

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