Sharing Milestones and Agendas For Social Change In the Twin Cities Impact Investor Ecosystem

–April 4th, 2017 At the Third Twin Cities Impact Investing Convening, which was hosted by Cogent Consulting, participants in the Ecosystem came together and discussed the present and future of Impact Investing in the Twin Cities.

HGA (Hammel, Green & Abrahamson) provided their beautiful space in the North Loop’s Ford Building as well as refreshments. HGA’s larger space allowed for a relaxed and spacious environment.

Susan Hammel, for Cogent Consulting, shared milestones from the November event and revealed the agenda for the Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem.

Alex Hsiao, for Cogent, captured the dependencies, relationships, and The Players in the ecosystem.

Exciting ideas were shared by Elaine Rasmussen, Alicia Phillips, Scott Cole, Justin Kaster, Courtney Overby, Jeff Ochs, Megan Voorhees, Catherine Banat, and Alfonso Wenker

A good time was had by all.

Make it happen

careful planning and Hard work—Thank to everyone involved.
See you next year?
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