Reflective Journal 24th April

Easter Notes

The only work I did during my Easter break was planning out ideas for new enemies and planning new ways I could improve my game. I finalized some of my designs and decided on creating enemies that suited the environment better. My main two choices were wolf and bear as I thought these two animals would suit the defensive nature of the animals who should be surrounding the lab in their natural habitats.


During my Tuesday session I began drawing up my new enemy designs digitally on Photoshop. I think that although they are finished, they still need to be shaded and refined even more. I think that the level of detail I have included in my drawings in adequate for the type of game I am creating. I will input the new designs into my game during my lesson on Wednesday, then I will create their damage and death functions.


On Wednesday I started by inputting the bear and wolf sprites into my game, once that was done I created the flip books for each of the characters then created their blueprints. After the blueprints were initially created I tested them and found that one of my issues was because I had mixed up the nodes when coding the damage functions. In the end I had to remove the bear and take it back to Photoshop because his animation looked rough.


On Thursday I began by redrawing by bear animation. This took up quite a bit of time because of moving the bears paws and head at angles to prevent the bears animation from moving to suddenly. I had to leave early so therefore I was not able to do as much as I wanted to. I will try to make up for it on Friday. If not then I would like to try and catch up on some work for when I'm back on Tuesday.


On Friday I started off by fixing my bear sprites and inputting them back into my game, I now have him functioning and he damages my player. I have not yet placed him into my levels. I will do that next week on Tuesday. I have looked into other formats of games available on the Unreal Engine. I believe that my game would be more interesting if it was in another game style.


I have been considering changing the style of game that I am creating. I think that my game would look better and I could achieve better if I change my game from a 2D side scroller to a FPS (First Person Shooter). Even with the change I believe that I would still be able to stay with my theme of technology. If I decide to try and change my game I would still keep the 2D game I have to fall back on if the FPS doesn't work out. As I plan on carrying on next year I would still retain my work on the FPS as practice for the work that will follow on.

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