Winfield S. Hancock JEssye Skarda

Winfield s. Hancock

Winfield S. Hancock was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1824.
Winfield S. Hancock was a twin. His twin brother's name was Hilary Baker Hancock.
He attended school at Norristown Academy. Eventually, he was sent to a public school.
Winfield S. Hancock was shot with a Minnie ball in the thigh during a battle.He was in terrible pain for several months. Several doctors attempted to take out the Minnie ball.
Hancock served in the military for fifty-three years and did many important things during his service. He trained soldiers at Buffalo, New York and wrote a war manual.
He also helped create armies that followed professional standards. He fought in the war of 1812 as well.
Winfield S. Hancock had many effects on history. He served in many battles including: Williamsburg, Antietam, and Chancellorsville. He was a Union general at one time, and was temporarily put in command of the Union armies left wing.
I admire how Hancock was always very determined no matter what. He was shot in the thigh, but that didn't stop him. I think this is an important trait to have because we all face adversity and perseverance is crucial for success!


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