Customer Care in the Sport Industry Seminar one

The aim of this module is to introduce the principles and theories of customer care. You will analyse the role and purpose of customer service and discuss how effective customer care can be implemented. In addition, you will evaluate how customer service levels are monitored and measured to ensure high quality customer service is provided.

In this weeks lecture we reviewed the definitions and functions of Customer Care. In addition to this we discussed how customer care has developed and evolved over the years.

For this weeks seminar task you are to watch the clip below and answer the questions that follow....

List 5 key factors that are important when delivering Customer Care according to you.

List 3 key factors that you think could lead to bad Customer Care.

For the second part of this weeks seminar you are to read the article on the link below and answer the questions that follow

1) After reading the article and upon reflection, why do you think Excellent Customer Service is so rare?

2) Discuss Southwest Airlines view on “Excellent Customer Service”? How and why does it work for them?

3) “Often employers are designing jobs for the employees they wish they have, not the employees they actually have.” In your opinion how can we solve this problem?

Please upload your answers on the turnitin link in week one of the module of your learnzone page.






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