The House on Vista Street Sam Wilson

My Name

My name originates from the bible, my mom said she always loved it. . In Latin, my name is of Hebrew origin and means “Name of God” or “God has Heard” so it is a very religious name. The exact books of the bible that my name come from are 1st Samuel and 2nd Samuel.

In the eyes of my friends, it’s like a girl's name, they conjured up the name “samantha” in 6th grade. Is there another name that i desire? No, i think my name fits me fine. “Sam” is a small simple name , and i'm a small simple person. A few nicknames that i’ve acquired in the past few years include S-Dub, Sammy, Samantha (of course), Wilson, and Little Wilson.

I am proud of my name because i made a story for it and i hope people will remember it when i leave and go on to high school.


Before I was in grade school, when i was 5 years old, my family took a trip to Hawaii. The first thing i remember when i recall the memories is when we landed in the airport. I stepped out of the plane and felt the warm moist air. One of my most distinct memories of the place was when we got out of the airport. As soon as we stepped out of those sliding doors, the colors amazed me, the breeze whispered in my ear and smelled of the ocean.

As soon as we got to the hotel, which was 40 yards from the beach, I had my swim suit on in a matter of thirty seconds and was nagging my parents to come to the beach with me. After years, it seemed, of begging, we headed down to the main floor. The whole hotel seemed to have an aroma of sunscreen and pineapples. Knowing me, I didn't think I needed sunscreen. Of course, a couple hours later when we came back, everyone was tired and hungry, I on the other hand was walking in agony because of my bright red sunburns. Everyone seemed to look at me like I was a human tomato.

The next few days was an endless cycle of sunburns. My dad ended up renting a tent for me to sit in when I wasn't swimming, so I wouldn't get sunburned. Throughout the week, we went exploring, zip lining, rafting, anything we could conjure up in our excited minds, we did. The worst part of the overall trip, was how fast time was being eaten away, it seemed like we were there for a few hours, but it gave me a determination to get back to my favorite paradise.

Trophy Club

Before I lived in the Aurora, there was a crammed house on Meadowbrook lane in Trophy Club. It seems everything I care about now, came from that house. My cat, my passion for sports, where I learned my basics learning skills, old memories of friends, everything. I was born when my family had been in the house for a few years, so it's basically where I was raised. Before I was in preschool, all I did was stay home with my mom, build Legos, and wait for my brother and sister to get home from school.

Since my birthday was in August, my mom didn't put me into school until I was 6, a year older than everyone in my grade. I went to Beck Elementary. I made many friends, in the 4 years I was there. Our house was right next to a girl named Patty's house, who ended up our babysitter. The kids I used to play with on the play ground now go against me in many sports, because of the competition between our middle schools.

My mom was a stay at home mom until I started going to preschool. She then started politics by working for the town council. Every Wednesday, she would pick us kids up from school and we'd go to the court house. She would either let us sit in the back of the room, or we would sit in the lounge for an hour and a half. The lounge area was the worst place to sit because of how dingy it smelled and how depressing the lighting was. So we would sit in court room with our mom.

One time, my brother, Ben asked if he could talk. So the court members let him sit up in the desk and debate with them. It seemed as if he had rehearsed the lines of a play the way he stated his opinions. It was so smooth and clear, the people wanted him back the next time, and the next time, and for as long as I remembered, Ben would leave his seat every Wednesday and go debate with the grown ups.

My sister was lucky enough to go back to Byron and see all of her old friends. And it brought memories back when we would drop her at her friends houses because we would always go by our old, crammed in, house. It always looked the same with the big Oak tree out in the front garden and the enormous gardens.


The stories and vignettes that I shared shaped the person I am today because I am a person of reflection and I recall memories often. These stories are the principals of who I am, because they are the most important memories I have. I compare many places I've been throughout my life to Hawaii, because it's matchless to me. I also compare other peoples stories of difficulties of moving schools and houses, because that's what I went through when I was young. Everything has a reason in my life, whether it be the smallest detail of my day, or my biggest memory.

A few issues Esperanza faces when she moves to Chicago include finding true friends, and making a home out of her new house. I can relate to both of these because I've been in her shoes, moving to a completely foreign place at such a young age and having to adapt to it. When I moved out to Aurora, I had been used to only seeing buildings and houses, then we went to almost like a countryside, with fields and spread out houses. So I can definitely connect with some aspects of the book. With all the moving and adjusting to my surroundings, I've really come to age with being responsible and critiquing myself to learn. Also, traveling has been a large factor in the making of my personality and view of things. Not only have is seen the culture of the world, I've learned from it.

I really enjoyed the book because it's all about how a girl moves to a foreign place and needs to adapt to fit in, which is exactly what I did, just not as extreme. Each vignette in the book made a connection with me because of the making of new friends and living a new type of life.

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