Giorgione Project By: margaret munson


  • Giorgione was born in Castelfranco, Italy in the year 1477
  • He moved to Venice at a young age and spent the rest of his life there
  • Giorgione spent his life painting and influencing other artists of his time
  • At the age thirteen he entered the school of Giovanni Bellini and showed a lot of promise while studying there
  • While studying under Giovanni Bellini, Giorgione Painted two very famous works: The Judgement of Solomon and The Judgement of the Baby Moses by Fire
  • He died in 1510 because of the Black Plague around the age 33
Painting of Sleeping Venus (Also known as the Dresden Venus)

This peace is known as Sleeping Venus or the Dresden Venus because it is located in the Gemäldegalerie in Dresden, Germany. It was started in 1510 by Giorgione, but he sadly died and could not finish painting it. Instead one of his successors, known as Titian, finished the work for him. This peace is famous for its display of sensuality in a time where most art was still being focused on the church. The depiction of complete nakedness shocked many people as it provoked the idea of humanism and brought back the ideas of the classical period, and Greek Mythology. It is also famous for its display of perspectivism. Venus has light and soft tones that contrast greatly with the bright background which helps you to see the depth of the painting, and allow you to look for miles into the background of the art. I chose this piece of artwork because I really enjoyed the depth to the painting and how you can see far into the painting and get lost in the colors. I also liked how real the painting looked and how Giorgione was not afraid to paint such a provocative painting in a time where that concept was just being developed

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