Skill Builder: Digital Video Class 1 Learning Journal

Skill Builder: Digital Video Class 1

Learning Journal

Class 1 is most interesting. It introduced me to Premiere , a video editing application

that I have not used previously or just a very small amount. The Live Class 1 was also very helpful as I was walked through the various aspects of Premiere and began to understand the methods and methodologies used. The video on Vimeo was also helpful and to clarify the instructions bit by bit I followed along pausing as much as needed.

For this assignment I created a beginning screen and ending screen relating to travel and vacation in NYC. Then I located some free and non-licensed video clips (2) and brought them into my timeline. I also located some jazzy music to go with the NYC atmosphere I wished to create.

This class, taking thought, understanding and applying methods, is excellent. I learned a great deal and see multiple applications in my courses.

Here is the link to my first video.

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Kathryn Arnold


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