The Prosecution of Donna Osborn ash,daisy,michael


Kim Lenore, an expert in the subject of the psychological disease and debilitation known as "battered woman syndrome". We spoke to Ms. Lenore, she believes that Donna Osborne completely fits into the position of a battered woman, stating that she matches all of the four stages of battered woman syndrome. If this is true it would mean Donna Osborne should not be convicted of murder and instead manslaughter due to this mental illness.


Clinton's mother told us that Clinton admitted that he and Donna occasionally argued but they made up in passionate way afterwords, though that does not excuse the physical and mental pain he brought upon her. This man abused his wife, then apologized and promised not to do it again every single time. Jack Mathews has told the court that he saw Clinton grab Donna roughly and then demanded her to go with him, later he called their home phone and heard Clinton yell and a slapping sound, and then after mumbling something that sounded like "please don't" she hung up the phone.


Since Mrs. Donna shows many signs of battered woman's syndrome, this would classify the death of Mr. Osborne as manslaughter. In the definition of manslaughter it is considered as such due to extreme emotional disturbance. The Osborne family doctor for many years, Leslie Crown, has admitted to treating Donna for broken arms, broken ribs, bruises, and even multiple lacerations to her head; was she not suspicious about these prominent injuries.

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