Visual Communication Portfolios Spring 2019

The sites that are linked below represent student portfolios created in SHHS Visual Communications, Spring 2019. Students used Adobe Spark to present and share their best work from the course.

Selected final projects are linked at the bottom of the page.


Tech Classes Commercial Spot | Sam, Sam, Steven

Graduation Photos | Sophia

Graduation Photos | Robbie

Interview Booklet | Trey

Design Practice 1 | Design Practice 2 | Will

Senior Walk Site | Joyce, Andrei

Design Practice 1 | Design Practice 2 | Kai

Preschool Graduation Site | Jake, Noelle

Ceramics Commercial Site | Leo (PLUS: Do I Like School?)

Finals Despair Video | Album of Photos for School Display | Anna, Stefano, Finn

Commemoration Site | Ian, Abby

Video Documentary—Mr. M | Joe

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