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About me

Hi my name is Yulisa Roman and I am an 8th grader at freedom middle school in Berwyn Illinois. I'm not the tallest, I'm about 5'1. Yea I might be small but I have a big heart😁 I think.. i love mostly all sports, music, dancing, singing, anything that keeps me active really💯 but sometimes I could use some time to myself, ignore everybody and sleep for 2 days straight..

Bill gates

Bill gates was the one who created Microsoft. He worked equally fair and didn't do nobody dirty like steve jobs did.😒 This mad ended up being quite famous and super rich over Microsoft. Not only that, but later in his life he decided to help out the poor which all of the money that he had.☹️

Steve jobs

Then there's jobs.. yes of course he ended up getting a way much better future then gates but he did it in a dirty way.😂 some might say that he's smarter than gates but uhh... I think not.. this man didn't do crap and made everybody els do all of the work for him, and he used people.


Created with images by Masaru Kamikura - "Microsoft Bill Gates" • phalinn - "Steve Jobs"

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