10 Best Places in Knoxville For a Staycation

By: Katie Orillion

1. Market Square

Visit the array of restaurants and shops along market square in Downtown Knoxville. Enjoy the live music that plays on weekends! Dogs are always welcome!

2. Knoxville Zoo

Spend a day enjoying the beauty of lions, tigers, and bears- you get it. You might even have the chance to pet a snake, touch a lion skull, or meet Einstein, the famous talking parrot!

3. Ijam’s Nature Center

Eno, bike, hike, or birdwatch in Ijams Nature Center! Ijams is a wildlife sanctuary with over 10 miles of trails to hike. There’s also a quarry where you can rent canoes and kayaks to paddle around in!

4. The Knoxville Museum of Art

Exploring the KMA is a wonderful way to spend a day with friends or by yourself! The museum features sculptures, paintings, glassworks, and more. Admission is free, so you could even just spend the day enjoying their sculpture garden!

5. Liza Moz

Paint pottery at Liza Moz, and leave with an awesome new creation! You can paint pots, bowls, light switches, and more! Prices vary.

6. Cinebarre

Enjoy dinner AND a movie at Cinebarre! Order burgers, pizza, wings, and more from your cushy recliner!

7. Painting With A Twist

Spend an evening painting a picture with your friends! You can bring snacks and drinks, and choose your painting in advance!

8. Craft Axe Throwing

Though you do have to bring a guardian, axe throwing is a great way to have fun and relieve stress!

9. The Tennessee or Bijou Theatres

These theatres have something for every one, from Broadway plays to movie showings of popular movies!

10. McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

From the giant dinosaur at the entrance to the sculptures, paintings, archaeological findings, and other exhibits, the McClung museum will capture your attention for hours!


Created with images by Andrew Neel - "Where to next?" • Tomas Jasovsky - "Light bulbs in a coffee shop" • Jared Short - "untitled image" • Lukasz Szmigiel - "Beautiful woodland path" • gustavo centurion - "untitled image" • Andy Kelly - "Doing a pottery class. We made some cups and saucers." • Alex Litvin - "Projector rays" • russn_fckr - "Many different paint pots" • Alexei Scutari - "untitled image" • Kyle Head - "My brother recently landed a feature role in an amateur theatre production of “Singing In The Rain”. Despite what the title infers - there is nothing amateur about it. Production value is high, and the acting takes you out of the auditorium and into your own magical sing-song world. Needless to say - a very proud brother right here." • Michael Descharles - "untitled image"