The Fourteenth Tuesday: We say Goodbye

In this chapter Charlotte calls Mitch and tells him Morrie is not doing well. Mitch goes to visit and while walking p to the house he notices the little things. When he rings the doorbell Connie answers and tells Mitch Morrie is not doing well. Charlotte comes and hugs Mitch and tells him Morrie is still sleeping. This was unlike Morrie, he did not usually sleep in this late. While Morrie is still asleep Mitch helps Charlotte clean up. When Morrie awakens and him and Mitch sit down together. They talk and embrace like usual. At the end of their conversation Mitch begins to cry. Morrie felt satisfactory because he finally was able to make Mitch cry.

"I like to think it was a fleeting moment of satisfaction for my deat old professor: he had made me cry" (Albom 186). The message is emotion. This is a big message because it is the first time in the story that Mitch really showed emotion. Morrie had never made Mitch cry before, but now he finally had.

A symbol for this story is the bed. The bed is a symbol of surrender. Morrie would never stay in bed for long ( other than to sleep ). Morrie thought that when you are in bed you are dead. So at the end of the book when he was dying he stayed in bed almost the whole time. He had surrendered.


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