I Hear America Cry Vincent grider

Cries of protesters lashing out with spiteful tounges
Cries of officers fearful yet angered
Cries of anguished soldiers fighting for freedom
Cries of a destroyed mother losing a child
Cries of the left screaming for not so equal equality
The cries of the right calling for hate and prejudice
Cries of the deprived youth drowned in sorrow
cries of the new generation begging to be heard
Cries of the good people who stand against it all
knowing that everything will turn out for the better
I hear Americas cries, i am only waiting for the answer


Created with images by Unsplash - "usa flags stars and stripes" • __Wichid__ - "Protesters" • blmurch - "Riot police preparing for action" • skeeze - "military soldiers sleeping" • Wonder woman0731 - "School Crying Woman Web image" • Feral78 - "Democracy" • DonkeyHotey - "Donald Trump - Caricature" • Greyerbaby - "boy looking fence" • Schmarty - "#HackPGH #Arduino class covering programming basics. With apologies to programming teachers." • D.C.Atty - "this little piggy" • QuotesEverlasting - "“Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright- Bob Marley" • mrsdkrebs - "American Flag"

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