Going For a Hike by: Erin massie

Once there was a family who wanted to go on a vacation. They decided to go to Scotland for one week. The next day they got on a plane. On the plane, Mom said, "look theres a loch".
When they got to Scotland, they went straight to the cabin. At the cabin they all got un-packed and explored the bush beside the cabin. When the younger brother Sammey was exploring, he foumd a trail.
So Sammey got his older sister Lilly, to go with him on the trail. The trail led them to many different animals. While they were walking they came up to a three way stop. So Lilly said, "let's go left". That trail led them to a lake, at least that's what they thought.
The lake was so messy all along the water, the water was green and brown and there were many creepy aniamls. Lilly started to look around and she noticed that it was the same loch they flew over, not a lake.
When Sammey was looking around, he saw a log in the water. But then the log moved, so Sammey made a noise to see if it was something else and not a log. It turned out that it was a monster. The monster came right up to the edge of the loch where Sammey and Lilly were.

The monster was big and black. It was so weird looking and scarey that as soon as it got right up to the edge, Sammey and Lilly ran as fast as they could away screaming, back to the cabin.

When they got back they told their older brother Conner, that there was a monster at the loch. Conner said " let's go see it". So the three of them went back to the loch.
When they got there, the monster was gone! They searched everywhere for it and made nosies, but the monster did not come back. So they decided to go back to the cabin beacuse it was getting late.
As soon as they got back, they all went to bed. That night Sammey and Lilly both had nightmares. The next morning everyone got up and they all forgot about the monster.
That is the story of the loch ness monster.


Created with images by cambodia4kidsorg - "Nature Walks Fall" • terribl - "plane aircraft airplane" • tpsdave - "log cabin cottage house" • Katia de la Luz - "The Great North Walk - Troll Bridge" • Alexas_Fotos - "ducks escape tracking" • Jan Tik - "Log Ness Monster" • tpsdave - "log cabin cottage house" • stuad70 - "Toxic Grey Day" • VSPYCC - "trail"

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