Religious Landscape Matt Reno's Guide For Religion


Day 1: The first day of traveling begins with a closer look at Jerusalem, which is one of the most sacred sites for Christians. Christianity is divided into three branches known as Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant. Christians go to church for worship. Churches tend to have a cross on the top to point towards God and to symbolize Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. Also, the holy text for Christianity is the Bible.

Day 2: The second day will commence when traveling to Vatican City in Rome.

Day 3: The third day begins in Vatican City: a very sacred and important site for Christians. The Vatican started out as just a church. Now it is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for Christians.

Day 4: Day four begins in Jerusalem to find out about Judaism. The symbol of Judaism is the Star of David. People will be found wearing Yamakas and Kippas. Also, the holy text of Judaism is the Torah. This is a sacred site for Judaism.

Day 5: Day five begins in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in order to find out about the Islamic religion. Mecca is important to the Islamic religion because they believe that the prophet Mohammed was born here, and the religion was founded here. Also, the Islam symbol is the moon and the star. The holy text of Islam is the qu'ran. People were kufis/taqiyahs and burqas. People pray five times a day, give money to charity, and fast during Ramadan, and understand Shahada.

Day 6: The sixth day begins in Indias in order to learn more about Hinduism. It is a polytheistic religion. The holy text of hinduism is the Vedas. A sacred site for the Hindus is the Ganges River, as people put their ashes in the river when they die. A holy practice for Hibdys is that they burn the person's body when they die, and then they take those ashes and put it in a safe place. Usually, the ashes are dumped in the river. In hinduism, people wear kurtas, dhotis, and saris. In hinduism, there is a caste system in which a person is born into and cannot change. That means that the child of a king will be a king, and the child of a priest will be a priest. When people die, everyone goes to the funeral wearing a white kurta with pajamas and the girls go in a white sari.

Day 7: The day commences in Japan in order to find about about Buddhism. This is a religion where people believe in no gods. This is a religion that parted from Hinduism because they never believed in the caste system. The symbol of Buddhism is just Buddhist art that represent aspects of Dharma. Usually, people in this religion wear wear saffron robes and head dresses. Also, the holy text of Buddhism is the tripikita.

Day 8: This is the day where we go back home and explore our local and national culture to understand more about immigrants from different religions. We will also visit many sites of Christianity in the United States, since America was founded on it.


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