Muthu's Portfolio

1. Emirates - CMU iLAB - Real time flight tracking, data visualisation and learning.

Deployed on: Microsoft Hololens. Developed with Unity.

2. IOS "expiry tracker" app Demo

Running on ipad/iphone. Made with Swift, Xcode. (Full backend with node.js, mongodb)

3. Virtual reality Airport duty-free shopping experience

Deployed on Samsung S7, Gear VR. Made with Unity.

4. Augmented Storytelling - making stories come to life

Android mobile app

5. Copenhagen institute of Interaction design - workshop on using Arduino, accelerometer to control 3d objects in virtual space

6. NONNA - video conferencing for the elderly

Product launch brochure

7. Product concept to deal with the parking problem in Mumbai (an extremely populous city)

Pitched to Bombay Metropolitan Corporation (BMC)

8. Synchronous walk - an outdoor installation that stimulates the playfulness of people in a public space.

Working prototype made at an MIT Media Labs design-engineering workshop.

Created By
Muthukumaran Vallinayagam


Created with images by Andrew Turner - "design sketches"

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