My winter vacation By: brooklynn

On Saturday me my mom and dad put up the Christmas tree and put out all the Christmas decorations

We drank some hot chocolate and made our gingerbread house.

after we had luhnch I want to play outside with my family friends we playing tag and played in the snow and then we went to my friend Brianna's house we played hide and go seek and we watch TV in a few movies then when it was time to go home we all said goodbye and wish each other merry Christmas

On Christmas Day we made some breakfast and we made some muscles to bring to my aunt and uncles house

Then we open presents my mom up in the first present from me she looked up and she looked happy because we got her earrings and then my dad opened his presents and he told us he didn't want anything but we still got his stuff so he was a little angry but we got him a tool and he really liked

and then it was my turn to open presents and I was a little scared at first but then I figured out I got just what I wanted

After we got back from my aunt and uncles we felt a little bit sick then we fuiger we out our whole family got the 36 hour flu great it was not fun

Al after it was all over I had to go to taekwondo for the rest of the week and then the other week after that there was really no more to the story except for going to taekwondo because there's really not fun things to do there so that is my story about my winter break thank you for watching


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