Mindy's May 2017 Reading Report

Let's start with the picture books. Here are a few highlights...

Get over the fact that she reminds you of Dora the Explorer. This book is super cute and funny. Must read.
This is about a girl dealing with the death of her pet, but it's the descriptive language about her emotions that really stand out in this book.
Another great book by Ashley Spires. This one is about trying something you are afraid of and sticking to it when it's difficult.
This is a really lovely sensory exploration of nature. I'll add it to my list of Early Science Skills books for sure as it certainly shows kids what it means to observe the world around them with all their senses.

Want more Early Science Skills picture books? I have a blog post from my archives with a bunch of recommendations.

Moving on to middle grade fiction...

I read, not one, but two gardening themed novels for kids.

This book caught my attention because it is set in Minneapolis, but there were no fun local references or anything like that, which was disappointing. It's not a bad book though!
This is a really cute series featuring a girl who reads almost as much as I do. ;)

While it wasn't intentional that I chose two gardening themed books in May, it did occur to me that I might want to start a new list on my book lists wiki, so here is my new--currently quite small--list of Farm/Gardening themed fiction for kids.

And three graphic novels

Cats go to space! To save the environment! This is cute and funny.
Most trolls have two heads, you know. This is a quirky adventure with a cute ending. I liked it a lot.
Give this graphic memoir to every young girl struggling with friend issues, cliques, mean girls, etc.

Now For Teen Fiction...

I read not one, but two, cooking-themed teen novels

It's a short, but heavy story about guilt, secrets, and suicidal thoughts featuring pizza. Lots of pizza. Perhaps not for the faint of heart, but well written and thoughtful.
I do love a story about a person finding what they really love to do. In this case, it's cooking. There's romance and realism as this kid figures out what he wants from life while grieving his brother's recent death. Well worth reading, in my opinion.

Have you noticed that I haven't read much in the way of male-authored fiction since I've been making these reading reports? I did. I chose these deliberately to diversify my reading. It was an odd coincidence that they both were focused on food. In any case, I added both of these to the Food/Cooking list on my book lists wiki.

I made three attempts to read outside my usual genre this month.

None of these books are contemporary realistic fiction.

Crimson Bound is a fairy tale/fantasy story set in a brutal world where the main character is a killer (reluctantly). Not my usual at all, but it kept me reading.

Mad Miss Mimic is a historical mystery/romance that, while pretty engrossing to me as a reader, wasn't much of a mystery or romance. I'd skip it if I were you.

The Passenger is a fun and absorbing time travel adventure that unfortunately ends in a terrible cliffhanger. When will I ever have time to read the sequel??

Since you know I love a good teen romance...

Here's a book that is exactly in my usual genre. ;)

Queens of Geek is a dual perspective, diverse story of three teens at a con and finding love. It's fluffy and fun. Recommended if that's what you're looking for.

Finally, here are a couple of books actually written for grown-ups that I managed to read

A woman in her 70's looks back at her teen years during and after World War II and considers how the choices she made then affected her life. Perhaps not a "must-read," but if you like historical fiction with a bit of gentle suspense, this would be a good choice.
Recommended for parents, for sure. Wondering how to approach sex with your teen? This is a great book with lots of good ideas and advice for framing the conversation.

See what else I've read this year:

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