Famous Photographers By: Abigail young

Hi, my name is Abigail Young. I am a student at HeLa High School. If you are looking at this... well get ready for a lot. For this spark, you'll be looking at "Famous Photographers" (Roll credits...) Each of these photographers I look up to, and they help me learn what I know today. We have Rachel Gulotta, Jessica Kobessei, and Irene Rudnyk. Each of them have many different skills. I wanted to learn from them. I took inspiration from each of them. Replicating three photos from each girl. Hoping to learn what it takes to make each photo. Well, for one it takes a lot of planning. (You can tell which ones didn't have as much planning in them.)

Rachel Gulotta

The photographer i'll be doing this week is Rachel Gulotta. She is a photographer who I usually see doing minimalist photography. But when she's not doing that, she's really into wedding photos. Sadly the last time I checked I don't know anyone that is getting married anytime soon so maybe later. For now I chose to stick to her minimalistic side.

Looking through her Instagram account, I notice that she tend to have a lot of people in her photography. She tends to have a simple palette with one or two colors popping out.

I had to rummage through all of her photos to find one I could accomplish. Finally I found some that suited me. Since the festive season has finally approached us I choose a photo that fits this time of year.

You might be wondering why did I choose her? Well to answer your question, I have enjoyed her work for a while, but I was actually introduced to her through Youtube. At the time I was searching for some inspiration. I was at a down I couldn't figure out how to take photos anymore. So I decided to look up how to improve my techniques. So I stumbled up on her channel, Mango Street. Oddly she helped me get back on my feet, so here I am today. From this I hope to learn how to accomplish a more lightly lit minimalist photo. Her style isn't as darkly lit like mine. So it will be nice for a change. Before she did photography so much she was a great writer. With a degree in literature she knows what she's talking about. She says it's her dream to be a writer.

This is the link to her website. http://rachelgulotta.com/

Her instagram is. @rachelgulotta

Photo One

^Happy Birthday^

Photo Two

^Candy Canes^

Photo Three

^Bad luck?^

All the photos on the right side of the comparison belong to Rachel Gulotta.

Irene Rudnyk

The photographer I chose for this is Irene Rudnyk. She is different from the rest because she doesn't have a website. It's odd. I tried looking for her on different platforms and could only find her on youtube and instagram. When I choose her I chose her for more of a fantasy style. She is different from the others because she has that view. When you look through her Instagram you can find a style with backlit backgrounds and many photos with flower crowns. This time around I decided to make a mini series. So all the photos will have the same person but each photo will represent each photo that I picked. I chose her because i've been watching her for a couple months now on Youtube, and I've always enjoyed her work. I hope to learn how to bring a dreamy side to my photos. Irene is a photographer based in Calgary, Canada. She post many youtube videos on how to use photoshop and how to make props for your photos. She is really good, not only at taking photos of other people but also herself. She like to take self-portraits. Other than that you can't find so much about her. Unless you watch her videos.

She doesn't have a website but here is her youtube.


Photo One


Photo Two

^ That Skirt! ^

Photo Three

^ Blurry Edges...^

All of the photos on the right side of the comparison belong to Irene Rudnyk.

Jessica Kobeissi

The photographer this week is Jessica Kobeissi

She is a photographer who is amazing at what she does. Speaking of that, in general she does model photography. Other than that she does portrait photography, With her own sense of style she's able to stand out from the group. I chose her because I've been watching her own youtube for a while and I've always loved her work. She stood out to me because her work was so different than others. She has a good sense on how she picks and chooses her sites to take photos. From this week I hope to learn how to take more dramatic photos or ones with more meaning.( I try to do that today but I would like to find a different way to do it.)

After this week as a reflection I can say that the only thing was that my photos were really lacking were interesting fashion. In all of her photos you can see a very theatrical sense of style. When I look at her photos I see a very breathtaking view. Each photo is completely different and that's what amazes me. On her website there isn't much information about her, but that's ok. All I know about her life outside of photography is that she is based in Detroit, Michigan.

In the end I love how I'm able to choose photographers to be inspired from so I can improve my own style. The fact I got to choose her made my day.

Photo One


Photo Two

^ Back Lit ^

Photo Three


All photos to the right of the comparison belong to Jessica Kobeissi.

Contacting Them?

So another part of this project was to try to contact each of the photographers. Below is what I sent each of them.

Rachel Gulotta

Hello Rachel,

My name is Abigail Young, and I'm a student at HeLa high school Vancouver Washington. Currently I'm enrolled in an AP Photography class. For the next month we have been asked to find a famous photographer and try to recreate their style. I choose you, so I have a couple of questions I would love for you to reply to.

How did you start to taking photos? What really pulled you in?

How long did it take you to find your style?

Anything else other than photography you enjoy doing?

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope to hear back from you.

Please reply all so I can include my teacher, Lee Emmert.



Irene Rudnyk


My name is Abigail Young and I’m a student at HeLa high school in Vancouver Washington. Currently I’m taking a Photography class in which we have been assigned to pick a Famous Photographer, and recreate some of their photos. I chose you to recreate. I love your style and how different it is. I was wondering if I could ask you some quick questions.

How did you start this career?

Do you think you need a great camera, with a good lens to succeed in the photography world?

How did you find your style?

Thank you so much for looking over my email. If you could, please “Reply-all” if you reply. My teacher Lee Emmert, needs to receive it too.

Thank you again!



Jessica Kobeissi

Hello Jessica!

My name is Abigail Young, and I’m a student at HeLa High in Vancouver Washington.

My class and I have been assigned to inspire some of our own photos and compare them to other people’s work, and to make them to what we believe are worthy... Or what my teacher called the assignment Famous Photographers. So I picked you! I was wondering for my assignment if I could ask you a couple of questions.

Why did you choose model photography? Knowing that there are many different types of this artform, why did you pick this type?

How long did it take you to find your “Style”?

Do you think you will continue this profession for a long time? Or maybe with time it will fade into a hobby? What do you think?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email!

Now since this is a school assignment, could you please “ Reply all” if you you do respond to this? (My teacher need to see this as well)

Thank you!

-Abigail Y.


In the end I didn't get any response to my emails. That's ok. I'm happy to learn from each of them.

I would totally do this again.

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