Good Life tour of the Harn Emily Miller

Paperweight vase with floral decorations- Louis Comfort Tiffany

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

One exhibit I found particularly interesting was the display of American glass pieces. This paperweight created in the early 20th century by Louis Tiffany is made out of Favrile glass. This piece of art has a beautiful floral pattern with soothing pastel colors. This medium of art, glass, is so striking because of the precise details incorporated in the piece. It is amazing how smooth the edges of the design are due to the fact it was made over a century ago. The art piece communicates happiness because of the spring-like flowers and the peaceful colors. This piece makes me feel joyful because the flowers represent new life after a cold winter.

African Exhibit

Design of the Museum

I found the gallery showcasing African art to be the most appealing. This display is interesting to look at because of the different types of pieces showcased. The exhibit consists of pictures, masks and clothing that allowed the visitor to see different aspects of the African culture. The lighting was bright which created a lively and welcoming mood. The gallery was well spaced out so the viewer can focus on one piece at a time and fully emerge themselves in the art. This gallery makes me feel joyous because the art gives off a celebratory feeling and it can be seen that the artists are proud of their culture and background.

Three girls holding hands- Sertao da Paraiba

Art and Core Values

The photograph "Three girls holding hands" by Sertao de Paraiba captures my core value of friendship. Having friends and being social is a key component of our human lives and everyone strives to have these relationships. Especially in a college atmosphere it is important to make these friendships so you have people to lean on in the hard times and people to celebrate in the good ones. This photograph helps me to better cherish friendship because it shows that no matter what you are going through or where you live these relationships can help you get through anything. Although the girls are not smiling, I can feel the love they have for each other and it is obvious they have each others backs.

Dancing Ganesh

Art and the Good Life

The Indian sculpture "Dancing Ganesh" is one of the most beloved representations of the divinity in Hinduism. The piece represents the good life theme of celebration. The sculpture is referred around India as a problem solver and bestower of blessings. Celebrating revolves around appreciating the good things in our life and this sculpture brings these good things. The fact the Ganesh is dancing shows the joy it is supposed to bring everyone who comes across it. This adds to my appreciation of the good life because it shows that people of all cultures celebrate the positives in their lives bringing them joy and happiness. It also shows how people of different cultures have symbols and sculptures to showcase where they get their happiness from.

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