Introduction:Have you ever watched a football game?You can get badly injured. Over two million people watch the super bowl every year!Wow that is a lot of people.I have been playing football ever since I was 9 and I have loved it ever since.In this article you will learn about the rules of football,the set up of play, and the equipment you wear.

Rules:There are many rules in football.You cannot go out of bounds or the ball will be placed where you stepped out.If you get two personal fouls (unnecessary roughness etc.) You are out of the game.If you want to get points on the board then you kick a field goal or run through the end zone without being tackled.When on defense try to intercept the ball or make the RB (running back) fumble.You also must try to not make the WR score.

Set Up:Do you know how many starters there are on the field?If you said 26 then you are correct.On offense there are 11.Quarter Back,Running Back,3 Wide Revicers,Tight End,2 Offensive Tackle, 2 Offensive Guards, Center.On defense there are 11 players.Left Outside Line Backer,Middle Line backer,Right Outside Line backer, 2 Defensive Ends, 2 Denfensive Tackles, Strong Safety, Free Safety, 2 or 3 Corner Backss.You can position in 4-3, 3-4,man blitz,zone blitz,man,zone,man zone,CB blitz,nickel and dime.On special teams there are 4.Kicker,Punter,Punt Returner,Kick returner.Positions on special teams are onside kick,return left and return right.On offense there are streaks,read options,play action,counter,quick pass,inside zone, slants,wildcat,flea flicker and HB toss.

Equipment:You need equipment to play football.Most players wear mouth guards even in the NBA!You must wear equipment for every sport.Consequences are death,concussions,broken bones or injuries that you could never walk again.You wear chest pads,elbow pads,mouth guards,cleats and a helmet.You can get customized gear.You can get colors/logos for your team.

Conclusion:In this article you learned about football.Football is watched by about 2 million people!Who win super bowl LII?


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