Stress at Work some HELPFUL Ideas on how to deal with stress

In the UK stress related disorders are responsible for as much as 60% of all absenteeism. This equates to around 180 million workdays and billions of pounds every year. Therefore, anything that can reduce the damaging effects of stress will not only make individuals happier but will also make companies richer.

Feeling stressed?

Stress and what you can do to cut down your levels

Make a list of everything that causes stress in your life, work, relationships, financial commitments and family. Having done this, make yourself a chart and write each in the left-hand column. Think carefully about each one and decide whether it is possible to drop it altogether, to change it in some way, to embrace it, or to turn it from a negative object of fear into a challenge. For instance, if you have too many financial commitments can any of them be eliminated?

If your work is a cause of stress, is there anything you can do to change it or embrace it as a challenge?

Make a list

Stop doing everything yourself

Start delegating both at work and at home, and whenever you can, change it or embrace it as a challenge.


Reach for the top but never struggle in vain

Take a close look at your values. What really matters to you? You can’t have everything. Make choices. Otherwise you could end up a workhorse who’s ultimately not very good at anything.

What are your values?

Don’t say yes to everything

When something is asked of you, give yourself time to consider the request before immediately agreeing. Is it something you can handle with relative ease? What are you going to have to sacrifice to do it? What is it going to cost you in terms of time?

Stop saying yes

Forget the hero image

You are only human, and you won’t be surprised how much pleasure it can bring to other people when they feel they can do something for you for a change. Express your needs and many of them are likely to be satisfied. If you lock your needs away behind the perfectly together superhuman image you project, you go it alone.

You're not superhuman

Guard your time jealously

Limit the time you spend on things that are not essential, such as seeing people you don’t really care about because you feel it is expected of you. Cut back on the chores you feel you have to do; do you really have to do these? Could someone else do them for you? Or could they remain undone for the sake of your peace of mind.

Do you really need to do it?

Sort your priorities

Look at what is essential to your life and what is marginal. If you can, write these down on a piece of paper, and make sure the time and effort you spend on each thing is in line with these priorities. Take an active role in deciding how you want to spend your time and live your life. Don’t just let it happen.

How much time have you got?

Create a routine

Every day you need to make sure you have time to relax and take care of yourself and to spend time with people you love. Recreation and having fun are as important as hard work, responsibility and success. Make sure you get the balance right.

Don't miss out on family and friends

The effect of stress on society

Not only are the social costs of stress already frighteningly high but they are increasing steadily. Society bears the cost of public services such as healthcare for those made ill by stress, pensions for the early retirement brought on by stress, and disability benefits for accidents occurring because of stress. In addition to this, stress often makes people irritable, and this affects the overall quality of everyone’s lives.

If you are feeling stressed contact me for more information on how exercise and nutrition can help with stress.


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