Meiosis 1

Prophase I: Chromosomes in the sex cell condense, pair up, and cross over. The Centrsomes attach microtubules to them as the nuclear envelope disintergrates.

Metaphase 1: the pairs of Homologous chromosomes get aligned in the center and the microtubules attach to the chromosomes

Anaphase: the Homologous Chromosomes get taken apart and move to opposite sides of the cell

Telophase I: the new nuclear envelope forms

Meiosis II

Prophase II: the chromosomes condense and the microtubules attach to each chromotid. The nuclear envelope dissolves

Metaphase II: the Chromosomes get moved to the center of the cell

Anaphase II: the chromatids spit apart

Telophase II: a new nuclear membrane formes around the chromosomes

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