Brian Johnson Contractor

What is a contractor?

A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials and labor to perform a service or do a job.

J and G construction Inc

  • Was esttablished in 2010 by Eric E Johnson the brother of Brian Johnson.
  • after his brother Eric's wife had a baby, Eric couldn't balance the two, so he asked Brian if he could take over for a little bit while he got things settled at home.
  • Brian took over the company and now him and his brother own the company together
  • The company is run right out of Brian's house and that van you see above.
  • Materials needed is either delievered to the work site or to his house and is transported over.

Steps on building a house

1. Start with a blue print, figure out the demsions of your house and how you want it to look.

2.Create a floor plan, figure out the materials you need

3. Lay out and poor foundation for your house.

4. raise the frame of the house

5. Create the Skelton of your house

6. Finish the roof, wooden sheathing goes over the frame, roofing paper then shingles.

7. Add house wrap to you're house before adding siding.

8. After siding is complete add heating, plumbing, wiring etc to the inside.

9. Add insulation to the house

10. Finally you can get to the trimwork and adding drywall to your house.

11. Now you can pick you're colors and theme for your house.


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